The 365th Day Without Her

It's the 365th day since my friend left.  I miss her every. single. day.  The two elements which defined her beyond anything else were her elegant grace and persistent love.  I mean.  No one will ever argue on this.  It's what we all know to be true. She was the kind of friend who always... Continue Reading →

Updates To It All

I never cease to be amazed by the way God does things in our lives.  My life is so different than I thought it would be.  Like you, I have challenges.  But. The more of God is so much bigger than all the stuff needing to be managed.  Take Studio 365 for example.  It's become a... Continue Reading →

Life-Lessons Wrapped in Love

Has it really been one week since Easter?  Is there anyone else who thinks time is going way too fast? Wow. This speed of time makes me more aware of the need to live fully engaged with all God gives.  Because.  I know there's no boundary of time in God's realm. So.  When I love... Continue Reading →

My Answer To The Question

One of the many questions: Are you starting a new church? No. I mean. No. I love the church. But. I have a health challenge which led me to deep-soul-searching prayer.  It was clear: I needed to step down from my position as lead pastor. The depth of my sorrow has been indescribable.  The Church... Continue Reading →

Second Week . . . A Risk

So. I now have been at Studio 365 for two weeks! It's been a huge learning process.   I've learned this week that we are doing what we are supposed to do for now in Studio 365. BUT. There will be changes as we find our way.  Doing this short morning devotional show is more of a challenge... Continue Reading →

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