Second Week . . . A Risk

So. I now have been at Studio 365 for two weeks! It's been a huge learning process.   I've learned this week that we are doing what we are supposed to do for now in Studio 365. BUT. There will be changes as we find our way.  Doing this short morning devotional show is more of a challenge... Continue Reading →

But . . .

I could've been stuck at a dead-end when I stepped down from my role as lead pastor at Red Door Church. But . . . I'm at a new beginning. I had so much fun @ Studio 365 this morning.  We talked about the God-word:  See, I am doing a new thing!  (ISAIAH 43:19) It's been the... Continue Reading →

Snow, Snow boarding, and Sno Balls

Oh Joshua . . . Sno Balls?  Apparently--this is an expensive treat!   Our second morning started with snow, snowboarding, and yes, those Sno Ball treats.  And, of course, coffee is my treat of the morning. But .   . We did get down to business . . . with an unusual conversation about the... Continue Reading →


Okay friends-- I’m so excited and blessed that this new thing in my life has started!    It’s a gift from God. The first essential need is prayer.  Because this is a simple way for people to think about living with God. So please pray! So . . . the REVEAL is below . .... Continue Reading →

Remembering Lucy Mae

This weekend is hard and sweet . . . we're remembering little Lucy Mae . . . she would've been six years old Sunday, March 4.  We think of her every. single. day. We always celebrate her with pink tulips--so I put them on our porch despite the cold, windy March day.  As always, I... Continue Reading →

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