Celebrating Today

Dear Tiffany,

Happy Birthday.   While I know you and I tell your story from a different perspective as mother and daughter, the word, “celebrate” is part of both of our storytelling.  Even as a little girl, you taught me to to put the emphasis on the gift of the day rather than  circumstances.  I love remembering the times you would come running down the stairs with the announcement that the day would be amazing and downright worthy of a party.  Usually, something little would grab your attention and you would become excited enough to shout, “This is a great day, I get to . . . “
I would turn around and smile at you.  But.  Sometimes it was not enough, and you would insist I would stop to  jump, dance, and cheer with you.  When I say insist, I mean you would not let me alone until we had a bit of a party in the moment.

When I took the time to celebrate with you, my perspective and mindset shifted to the “more” of God rather than the disappointments, failures, and hard places of life.

You’ve taught me hope is vital to true celebration.  I’ve watched you intentionally invite hope into your day since your sweet daughter, Lucy Mae, stepped into heaven.  I know it’s not been easy to choose to live in hope, but you have and it makes me want to jump, dance, and cheer with you today.

I celebrate the million moments woven through life, leading to this very special day.
I celebrate the plan God put together for your life.
I celebrate your soon-to-be-born daughter,  Ellie (Elizabeth Hope).
I can’t wait until you and I have ‘moment parties” with Ellie.

Happy Birthday, my beautiful daughter.  I pray you celebrate with little parties in the moments of your day!  I love you.
PS  I have already started having some moment parties today!

(written by Kerrie Carlisle Palmer © 2013 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED)

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