The Challenge

I often encounter people who have lost sight of what really matters in life. Just last week I talked with an individual who tried to convince me the next “deal” on the horizon was what had to be focused on. It did seem like a big deal. But. I can say with complete confidence that at the end of the day when someone misses the value of life, nothing else matters including our position, possessions, and power in this world.

How the day is managed reveals what is valued in life.

I’ve learned that developing my awareness of Christ changes how I manage the day, regardless of the circumstances.   Years ago, I determined to prayerfully declare these words at different intervals of the day:

Christ in me.
Christ around me.
Christ over me.
Christ under me.

And, I give thanks for the presence of Christ by simply saying:  Thank You.

I challenge you to declare these simple words each day for six weeks as part of the discipline of becoming more aware of the presence of Christ.  

It takes a few weeks to develop a habit of declaring these words, but it’s worth the discipline. These simple words hold the potential to change how life is perceived and managed.  Throughout the years, individuals have told me that just saying these words began a REVOLUTION of how they managed life.

Developing the awareness of Christ’s presence is a significant part of the REVOLUTION OF LIVING.

It matters—Kerrie

Thank You.
Thank You!

(Written by Kerrie Carlisle Palmer © 2014 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED)

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