What’s Your Story?

I am excited for the opportunity to preach a new series at South Salem Nazarene Church while Pastor Chris May is on sabbatical this summer.  The series is entitled, “What’s Your Story?”

It’s for anyone who dares to believe life can be more, wanting to experience the Divine in the routine of the day, desiring to renew a holy awe, refusing to settle for less than what God has graciously given.

The thing is . . . it’s easy to miss the mystery and miraculous of God in our story . . . especially in our all-consuming, chaotic and demanding world.  Just getting through the day can seem like the win!  Yet.  When we look for God in the midst of the day, we will not be disappointed.  God is not only at work but doing something that is beyond our imagination.

God’s promise of “more” is recorded in the obscure but profound book, Habakkuk:

Look around at the nations;

   look and be amazed!

For I am doing something in your own day,

   something you wouldn’t believe

   even if someone told you about it (Habakkuk 1:5, NLT).

Who in the world doesn’t need these words today?

So, this Sunday we will start with these words and look at the amazing picture God has for the story of life.  I hope you will be able to come. And, I hope you will start visiting this site routinely.  I will be updating it and giving snippets of our summer.

You are officially invited to come to South Salem Nazarene Church on Sunday morning at 10:45 AM (1661 Boone Rd SE Salem, OR  97306).  I will look for you!

It Matters–Kerrie

Walking with our three JOYs.
Walking with our three JOYs on a summer afternoon in Salem, Oregon.

(Written by Kerrie Carlisle Palmer © 2014 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED)

2 thoughts on “What’s Your Story?”

  1. Hi Kerrie! Would love to hear your messages to the Salem church! Could you put them on your blog here or on fb? That would be great!

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