Living Amazed

I don’t want to take one day for granted.  It seems like a waste of the life God has so graciously given.  It’s too easy to enter into a mundane-ordinary-existence, consumed with the pressures and problems of the day, missing the gift of God’s presence.  I want to see beyond the schedules, tasks, and problems  of the day, choosing to see what can only be explained as God’s holy work. I want to end the day in amazement of the work of God rather than from exhaustion of what I had to manage.

What better way to get started than with a fresh vision in the first fifteen minutes of the day?

This summer intentionally develop the habit of taking the first fifteen minutes of the day to look, observe, and go to the place of being amazed as God told Habakkuk (1:5). Of course, there needs to be more time carved out to meditate, study, and pray but taking the first fifteen minutes with God  is about making a divine connection to begin the day and to form a fresh vision.




Taking the first fifteen minutes  with God is refreshing for the soul and gives a new perspective to face the day, including the hard and down right difficult moments.  And. I’ve learned the way I see life changes when I’m in a state of divine expectation.   I have much more energy and enthusiasm for the day when I eagerly anticipate encountering the presence and power of God. Taking the first fifteen minutes to worship, to be in God’s word, and to pray raises my awareness of God.

So, I’m choosing to live amazed each day.  It’s so much better than existing with boring faith.It begins with seeking God in the first fifteen of the day.

I hope you will take the time to check out the devotion, God’s Challenge, focusing on Habakkuk 1:5.

It matters–Kerrie

My view from the 3 Joy’s—-

The girls are constantly showing me how to look for the gift of the day.  We surprised them with donuts when they stayed overnight a few weeks ago.  It was like Christmas morning!  I want to live with that kind of energetic amazement.

Madelyn and Sydney are so excited about having donuts for Saturday morning breakfast!
Madelyn and Sydney are so excited about having donuts for Saturday morning breakfast!

And, then there’s Ellie.  Waking up from a nap is just plain fun.  Everything seems to be an incredible experience for her!  Why not live that way?

Ellie's face says it all!
Ellie’s face says it all!

Take the first fifteen challenge–it’s worth trying–and developing a fresh perspective to live in amazement!

(Written by Kerrie Carlisle Palmer © 2014 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED)


Author: Kerrie Carlisle Palmer

Hi there, I am a Life-Story Teller, Co-Developer of TableThink (, co-host of TableThink and Think On This Podcasts, Pastor, Church Planter, Founder of Red Door Church. I love to be with my family, friends, and anyone I meet along the way. Two musts are coffee and celebrations. I hope you and I are able to connect soon.

One thought on “Living Amazed”

  1. With my move I got busy and let all my e mails pile up. In the move I hurt my leg and my body is so exhausted it is forcing me to rest so I have gotten yo catch up on all your posts. I to love seeing the world through DeJays eyes. Everything is so new to him and he is so curious about how things are made and how they work. So I am just now starting you 15 min challenge. I do that often anyways but really want to be more intentional about how I spend the first part of my day. God has blessed me greatly through this move and I love my new home.

    You know if it were not for you being the bad cop 🙂 I would of given up. I needed someone to to say giving up was not an option. To focus on the positive and to realize everything was going to be okay. Love you so much. Lisa

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