One Reason For CHURCH

This weekend began with a powerful thunder and lightening storm lasting what seemed like forever, unusual for our area. The storm’s explosions of noise and brilliant fireworks, lighting the darkness of the night and early hours of the day, was an epic display of the power residing in the atmosphere. I could not sleep for a short time, due to the raucous storm, so I enjoyed the party in the sky, thinking about how it mirrored life-storms.

I’m grateful to have anticipated, seen, and experienced the power of God breaking through life-storms.  I can’t imagine how I could manage my life or encourage anyone in their life-storms, if, I did not counsel them to receive and walk in the power of God.

A few years ago, a couple came to my office at church after the wife confessed to an affair. The damage was extensive, the division apparent, the death of their relationship imminent; however, their marriage was healed when they stepped into a restorative process through the power of God. Everything changed when they asked God to be in their relationship. There are many stories of healing through the power of God. Even so, there are times I’ve not been able to see how people will get through raging life-storms, let alone be healed and whole. Only God.

It’s one more reason for the local church.

I believe one of the responsibilities of the local church is to open their doors to the world,  actively  believing God’s power will break through the life-storms, offering hope and healing through the leading of the Spirit of God.

And, yet, there are local churches who weaken their impact by moving away from forming the faith community in and through the power of God, developing an impersonal atmosphere, distorting Christ’s mission for the church, failing to reach out with a personal invitation, diverting their attention to things that really don’t matter in the end.

Those who rely on the power of God will break through life-storms with thunderous explosions of love and a brilliant light of hope and healing, illuminating the way for those who are in the darkness of the world.  This is the call of each Christ-follower, every faith community–the Church.  It’s epic:

Now to the God who can do so many awe-inspiring things, immeasurable things, things greater than we ever could ask or imagine through the power at work in us, to Him be all glory in the church and in Jesus the Anointed from this generation to the next, forever and ever. Amen (Ephesians 3:20-21, Voice).

Live in God’s power as an individual, faith community, and the Church.  The world will change because of the power breaking through the life-storms.

It matters-Kerrie

I would love to see you on Sunday, August 3 at 10:45 AM (South Salem Nazarene Church 1661 Boone Rd SE Salem, OR 97306), an amazing faith community. We will focus on the blessed life, with an emphasis on healing and hope as well as refreshment for our soul–God’s will. God has something more for each one of us!

I will be preaching at SSNaz through the end of August, while Pastor Chris May is on sabbatical.

View of my JOYs:

Ellie is the signature of what the power of hope looks like!


Hope revealed.
Hope revealed.

ellie july 21-2 Ellie July 21-3

And, as always, I hope you are keeping your FIRST FIFTEEN challenge.  You might want to take a look at the devotion, God’s Will.

(Written by Kerrie Carlisle Palmer © 2014 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED)


Author: Kerrie Carlisle Palmer

Hi there, I am a Life-Story Teller, Co-Developer of TableThink (, co-host of TableThink and Think On This Podcasts, Pastor, Church Planter, Founder of Red Door Church. I love to be with my family, friends, and anyone I meet along the way. Two musts are coffee and celebrations. I hope you and I are able to connect soon.

3 thoughts on “One Reason For CHURCH”

  1. We should covenant to explore the deeper dimensions of community. For too many decades “community” in the evangelical church has been about “being nice” and “looking good” and not about deep honest friendships. And certainly not about sharing the deeper struggles of a life of faith. I know you will encourage those dimensions of life in your church. And I will keep praying for “the book” as you go through these wonderful new transitions. Blessings, Roy

  2. I’ve heard you say many times the local church is the hope of the world. It’s a Place and a People. A place where if you seek and knock, you will find. Believers who attend church week after week, year after year, can still leave changed, encouraged, and surprised by the power of God IF he/she comes earnestly seeking and knocking. God uses the Church body to reach the lost, grow and develop believers every day of the week.

    I love how you say that the power of God will illuminate the path for those who are in the world’s darkness. He is their only hope, and our Great Calling to show them this Light.

  3. I agree. I think the church needs to be the place you can come to bear the ugliest, darkest corners of struggle and fear and know without a doubt that you will be directed back to the love of Christ by all of those you come to. We walk every moment in a world filled with sin, confusion, and misguided counsel. The worse even, are the comforting words that seem to comfort our hearts for a moment, but fall short and feel empty because they are not rooted in the truth of the word of God. We need to be able to trust that our church is a community that will always guide us back to the truth, while loving us and becoming our cheerleader along our journey. As we strive to show Christ to the lost world we live in, our church needs to be the place we can breath in truth, share our journey, and be refreshed through community and learning on the word. Then we can take this renewed spirit into the world and shine our light. Too much of this life is seemingly impossible and our momentum will fade without the belief and acceptance of God’s ability to break through any wall and work His good in any circumstance. When we are wounded and tired, when the lies of the world and taken root in areas we didn’t see coming, we need to be able to count on our church to come along side us, help lift us up, and point us down the path again. We are in a daily battle against the sins of this world. We need to be sharpening our sword in the word and prayer, but we also need to be training to have the back of our brothers and sisters out on the battlefield.

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