From Today’s Message: Blessed

From today’s message: Living Blessed:

During the middle part of my story, when our family experienced significant and life-changing loss in almost every area of our life, I learned more about the blessed life than ever before.   Eventually the pressure of it all brought me to a cross-road of choices.  I finally realized that nothing would change magically, what had happened needed to be faced and managed.

It seemed too hard. It was. It is.

I watched other people live blessed lives, despite their circumstances and learned some powerful lessons to live by.  The worst thing to do in a difficult and dark circumstance is to do nothing, accepting it with the mind-set, “It is what it is.”  When the choice is made to get up and get going, believing God is the God of more, a connection is made with the “super” of God in our natural state-of-being.

In other words, a blessed life is connecting with the supernatural ways of God. It’s a way of life, with developed habits:

  1. Put God above anyone and anything—blessing the Lord—being more concerned with God than self.
  2. Tend to relationships – be the salt and light of Christ—flavor the world as the salt of Christ—shine in the darkness as the light of Christ—be a blessing.
  3. Be kind to anyone and everyone—reveal Christ in you.
  4. Be grateful, no matter what. Gratitude changes how life is seen and managed.
  5. Look for the gift of the day. It’s there.
  6. Live simply in every area of life, it gives freedom to do what matters.
  7. Listen to understand, rather than to try to fix a person—a blessed life is about transformation, not about being fixed.
  8. Laugh often. You’ve got the supernatural presence of God in you. Enjoy the blessings of the presence and power of God.
  9. Serve all.
  10. Love all.

It matters—Kerrie

Loved this pathway at OakView acres in Canby, Oregon's countryside.  It made me think how the path we take now will impact our future.
Loved this pathway at OakView Acres in Canby, Oregon’s countryside. It made me think how the path we take now will impact our future.

And, as always, I hope you are keeping your FIRST FIFTEEN challenge.  You might want to take a look at my post, One Reason for Church and the devotion, God’s Will.

(Written by Kerrie Carlisle Palmer © 2014 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED)

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