Moving To Brookings, Oregon

I’ve spent a great deal of time praying for Drew, Tiffany, and Ellie.    I’ve always known God was at work on their behalf; however, I did not think the work of God would lead them to leaving their community of friends and family.  But.  They are moving about 6 1/2 hours away.  It’s clear God has put a divine assignment in front of them, giving them an opportunity for a new season and fresh start.  I’ve learned the best thing to do in life is to follow God’s directions.

I’m confident we’re assigned with a purpose and plan in a specific space to encounter God and others. Even so, it’s always a choice.

When they received a job offer for Drew as a high school counselor in Brookings, Oregon, we all knew it was right for them to go.  Tiffany has even been hired for a job they had not thought about or knew existed for that matter–a part time job as a child development teacher.  And, Ellie is able to go with her.

It’s obvious God is in the details.  Romans 8:28 explains how God uses every detail:

And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them (NLT).

The Word gives us reason to be grateful, celebrating their decision to go where God is leading them to go, knowing it will work together for good.

This past week was MOVING week.  Friends and family pitched in to help them pack the moving truck and we headed out of Salem to make the trip down the Oregon coast to Brookings.

Tiffany, Ellie, and I traveled together in their minivan.   Seriously, I never thought minivans were the most attractive vehicles but it made traveling with a baby much easier than other types of vehicles.  I’m taken off-guard by the fact that I like minivans.  Who knew?

We started out early despite a late night of packing.  Coffee was deemed a necessity.

tiff and me 1c

We had a ceremonial moment when Tiffany took her wreath off of the front door.

wreath and Tiff august 7, 2014

Tiffany drove most of the way.  I refused to drive with her even for a short distance when she was a teenager. I thought it would produce conflict between us.  (Just read between the lines.)  The thing is . . .  we’ve changed. . . sort of.  She’s a great driver; however, I do make a comment along the way.  Of course, I’m more mature in my approach than I was in her teen years!


We stopped in Eugene at Drew’s parent’s home for a couple of items and ended up eating a great breakfast they prepared for us.

Drew and his parents serving breakfast.
Drew and his parents serving breakfast.
Fresh blueberries!
Fresh Willamette Valley blueberries!
Fresh Pastries
Fresh Scones
Drew, Tiffany, and Ellie
Drew, Tiffany, and Ellie
Gathered around the table.
Gathered around the table.

Hospitality is a rarity—we enjoyed our time but we needed to get on the road.

The MOVING truck
The MOVING truck
The minivan--who knew it could offer so many amenities to the traveler?
The minivan–who knew it could offer so many amenities to the traveler?

We had to make stops for baby Ellie to take care of her needs. Our first stop was Florence, Oregon–a beautiful coastal town.  Even our iced drinks at Starbucks seemed to be flavored with the Florence atmosphere. The town is charming.  It was more of a rugged coastal town when we took our kids camping by the dunes near Florence long ago.

in the store with elleb

Ellie made the trip quite entertaining.

Ellie is all about sports in her NIKE shirt.
Ellie is all about sports in her NIKE shirt.

Ellie had to eat so we stopped in Coos Bay and ended up ordering lunch in the drive-thru to give more time for Ellie to stretch and play.

It seems to me the purpose of the drive-thru is for travelers
It seems to me the purpose of the drive-thru is only for the times there is no other option
Lunch in the car
Lunch in the car
Tiffany explaining the trip to Ellie
Tiffany explaining the trip to Ellie
Live entertainment--a bird --the smallest of things can be fun when you travel together.
Live entertainment–a bird –the smallest of things can be fun when you travel together.

On the road again.

Leaving Coos Bay
Leaving Coos Bay

The view along Highway 101.

the view along the way

the view along the wayb

I took a turn at driving–I love to drive and see the sights.

taking a turn at driving

We stopped just outside of Brookings to take time to enjoy the view.

view brookings 1view brookings 2view brookings 3

Brookings is the base camp for  Chetco, Rogue, Elks and Sixes rivers and has some of the warmest Oregon coast temperatures.  By the way, Oregonians most often use the word, coast, rather than beach.

And . . . we are there!
And . . . we are there!

The fun of moving in began without us.  Tiffany and Drew’s friends traveled from Nevada to help.  And. New friends  came to help– students and staff from Brookings High School.  It’s clear the community of Brookings is a strong and welcoming community.

Check out the color-coded boxes–each color represented the room the box belonged in.

strategizing it all

Team Tiffany--Go!
Team Tiffany–Go!

The Team at work

Drew on the run!
Drew on the run!
students came to help
Students came to help!


kitchen chaosunpacking begins

Great Kitchen!
Great Kitchen!


Bottle in the bedroom
Bottle in the bedroom–fun wood floors.

Tiffany's sweet friend--she was their flower girl

One of the high school staffers gave a great homemade welcome basket.  Everyone is truly welcoming!

Welcome gift from one of the high school staffers--homegrown and canned
Welcome gift from one of the high school staffers–homegrown and canned

We went to a a little place known for great hamburgers. It’s listed on Urban Spoon web site. 

time for dinner--
time for dinner–

vista pubvista 3vista pub 4flowers

great table
great table

ellie ready for dinner

Ellie ready to eat.

fresh lettuce homemade bun and great beef and delicious fries
fresh lettuce homemade bun and great beef and delicious fries

We visited Brookings High School–it’s a mixture of old and new–I loved it!

school street
High School street


brookings high school

bookings entrance



I remember this kind of gym
I remember this kind of gymbleachersbear

drew in the workout room

Drew and Ellie

work out 2

food service


cafeteria 2




visted the highschool

what every student needs--cash
what every student needs–cash

Time to end the day.

on our way
on our way

Morning came early. Drew made a surprise  coffee delivery.  Smart man.

coffee in the morning after the move,,,

Detour–we headed out for lunch–but true to form–we found an untraveled road with an interesting abandoned store.

detour 2

We got back on the main road and made our way to the harbor and found great fish and chips at the Sporthaven Marina.

the harbor

harbor 2

harbor 3

harbor 4

harbor 5

We headed for home and I finished Ellie’s room before we went late to bed for an early wake-up call to get back on the road to Salem.

nursery 1

Both Tiffany and I like a closet to be organized by color.

nursery 2

nursery 3

nursery 4

Play and reading corner–with a Ellie’s Wishes painted by a friend.

nursery 5

We finished Ellie’s room, grateful for what God has done, is doing, and will do, knowing all the details for their life will come together for good.

It matters–Kerrie

And, as always, I hope you are keeping your FIRST FIFTEEN challenge.  You might want to take a look at my post, Run Hard and the devotion, God’s Will.

(Written by Kerrie Carlisle Palmer © 2014 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED)


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