Praying For You

I need the quiet of the early morning to begin my day.  I’m a better person when I get up early and have quiet. Besides the spiritual aspect, I need the early morning quiet because I’ve had the habit since I was eight years old and, for me, there’s physiological calming when I’m quiet.  So.  I know I’m a better human being when I have time to be quiet in the early hours. Actually, numerous family members and friends have confirmed I’m not the same when I begin my day in a rush and enter the busyness and craziness without pause, missing the quiet of the early morning hours. Their comments are usually not complimentary when I miss the quiet.

 Let me back up to my comment about starting the habit of quiet time at the age of eight. There’s a logical reason. My dad wanted to become a C.P.A.; however, the only time to study was in the early morning hours. He had a demanding job at an accounting firm in La Grande, Oregon and was a busy father of three in that era. My sister came after.

Dad set up a card table (google it–a folding table with folding chairs) in our living room as a permanent study area to keep his big books and study materials organized and available.   I waited for the sound of my dad walking past my bedroom and then I would get up to join him. We developed a routine. He poured a glass of juice and pulled out a folding chair for me; I sat quietly drinking my juice. I knew he needed to study. I wanted to be with my dad. And.  I wanted to be like my dad. So.  One day I put my study materials on the table, which was simply a writing tablet, a no. 2 pencil, and my biggest book, a King James white leather Bible with my full name printed in gold on the front cover. By the way, it had to be a no. 2 pencil because everyone always made a big deal about it. 

 As time went on, I began copying verses from my Bible.  And.  I would study them.  I’m pretty sure my dad was unaware of how the early morning time would form me and define my life.  I’m grateful.  

When I found Psalm 5:3, I realized the quiet found in the early morning hours is more than a habit.  It’s a time to connect with God and to anticipate God’s powerful response.

In the morning, O Eternal One, listen for my voice;

   in the day’s first light,

I will offer my prayer to You

and watch expectantly for Your answer (Psalm 5:3, NLT).

My friend, Doris Hanger, took this picture in the early morning.
My friend, Doris Hanger, took this picture in the early morning.

  And, Mark 1:35 became profound for me as I developed my quiet space in life:

Before daybreak the next morning,

Jesus got up

and went out to an isolated place to pray (Mark 1:35, NLT).

Another picture from Doris Hanger . . . Day Break.
Another picture from Doris Hanger . . . DayBreak.

There must have been days when Jesus found himself tired and, even, tired of human beings.  Certainly, Jesus recharged and refueled to manage life in his humanity by getting up early in the morning, spending time in the quietness of the day with the Heavenly Father. I would love to know what Jesus said in his prayers.  The thing is . . .  it’s clear the outcome of his prayers uttered centuries ago . . . continue to touch and change many.

 I’m more convinced than ever that quiet in the early hours of the morning is the key for my peace and sanity in this chaotic and insane world.

And, in the quiet of the early morning, I’m aware of the need to prayer for others, believing and knowing God will have amazing answers for them.  

Today, I pray for you:


Cover my friend with Your grace and love. Release Your power in an unusual way. Give strength where there is weakness, energy where there is weariness, healing where there is hurt, health where there is sickness, provision where there is need, anticipation where there is apathy, hope where there is hopelessness, joy where there is sorrow.

And, Lord, will you give peace, the kind that makes no sense in this problem-filled world, the kind that is perfect?

In Your name—Amen.

I can only imagine God’s answer for you!

It matters–Kerrie

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(Written by Kerrie Carlisle Palmer © 2014 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED)

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