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Gregg is pretty low-key. So. I’m careful to keep the spotlight off of him. But. Today, Gregg and I are marking 38 years of keeping our covenant of marriage.  Our milestone anniversary–#25–was spent at a soccer game after our nation came to a halt because of terrorism.

The last 13 years mark significant changes in our family as well as our marriage.

One of the significant life-changing events was the birth and death of

Lucy Mae Carter

March 4, 2012

SALEM – Celebration of Life service for Lucy Mae Carter, infant daughter of Tiffany and Drew Carter of Salem, will be held 4:00pm, Saturday, March 10, 2012 at the First Christian Church 685 Marion St. NE, Salem. Survivors also include grandparents, Rev. Kerrie and Gregg Palmer, McMinnville, great grandparents, George and Marilyn Carlisle, Salem, great grandmother, Agnes Gentzkow, McMinnville, grandparents, Jerry and Bonnie Carter, Eugene, and great grandfather Roy Rylander, of Calif., and several aunts and uncles.

We all have been impacted by little Lucy; we will always be blessed by her short life.

Our word, “always” says it all.

(Please note: Gregg’s the tallest–so relegated to the back in pictures)

2001 after Tim's soccer game on 9:11 anniversary

2001 after Tim’s soccer game on our 25th

2002 Tricia and Troy's wedding

2002 Tricia and Troy’s wedding

2003--Tricia's swearing in

2003–Tricia’s swearing in

Christmas 2004

2004 Christmas

2005 Birthday

2005 Birthday

2006 30th

2006 30th anniversary

Tim Graduation - 59b

2007 Tim’s graduation

2008 Fall

2007 Fall

New Years 2008

2008 New Years

2008 Port Townsend

2008 Port Townsend

2008 Seattle

2008 Seattle

2008 fall

2008 fall

graduation december 2008

2008 December graduation from George Fox Seminary

2009 May Ordination

2009 May Ordination

2009 December Tiffany & Drew wedding

2009 December Tiffany and Drew’s wedding

2010 Thanksgiving

2010 Thanksgiving–Madelyn’s first Thanksgiving

2011 New Years

2011 New Years

2012 October with Madelyn

2012-yep it’s us

 2013 Christmas

2013 Christmas –Sydney’s first Christmas with us.

family and grandma palmer

2014 family dinner–Ellie’s first dinner with Great Grandma Palmer

Gathered around the table.

2014 August


It matters-Kerrie

(Written by Kerrie Carlisle Palmer © 2014 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED)


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