My Parents Taught Me: LET IT GO

“LET IT GO.” I’ve said the three words to myself and others for decades.   The words come from one of the many lessons my mom and dad taught me.  They made it clear these words are crucial to living well in every aspect of daily life.  And.  I’ve learned it’s true.  Anyone who has sat down with me for pastoral insights will confirm I’m adamant about these three words.

To experience the best life . . .  let go of what does not belong . . . thoughts, emotions, behaviors, possessions, and power.

A few weeks ago, a well-meaning individual felt I should know someone was slandering me.  Others called me with the same information.  It was tempting to respond with a bad attitude.  So tempting. But. I would have added fuel to the fire.  And, I know for sure that truth always wins. It’s an important principle to remember as a leader.

It’s easy to let negative words mess with the thought process.  Over the years, I’ve learned to let go of my negative thoughts and look at the positive.  My parents have modeled extreme positivity.  I used to tell them that their positivity was over the top and at times annoying.

Even so, my parents were consistent and taught me the negative must be let go in order to live the best life.  Time after time, I’ve told people that someone’s bad behavior and wrong words do not define who we are unless, we choose.   Let me add, retaliation is often tempting but not the solution. I’ve seen many lives wrecked when retaliation is the first response.


  1. Pay attention to what’s within.
  2. Determine what does not belong.
  3. Dump the negative out of my thoughts, emotions, and behavior.

In the end, letting go is a process of exchanging whatever does not belong within our life with the grace of God.

Grace is enough. 

I love the translation of the Bible, The Voice, which says it well:  . . . and finally He said to me, “My grace is enough to cover and sustain you. My power ismade perfect in weakness.” So ask me about my thorn, inquire about my weaknesses, and I will gladly go on and on—I would rather stake my claim in these and have the power of the Anointed One at home within me.  (2 Corinthians 12:9, The Voice). 

Let it go in and through the grace of God.  Grace is enough.

It matters–Kerrie

And, yes, I do know there’s a song called “Let It Go”  Madelyn sang “Let It Go” several times to me yesterday, before and after she went to school.  Here’s a few pictures of Madelyn–the soloist–September 11, 2014.

2014--Madelyn (September 11)
2014–Madelyn (September 11)
2014 Madelyn (September 11)
2014 Madelyn (September 11)

Madelyn and I took chocolate to Tricia’s office and declared a chocolate break. She willingly let the work go and enjoyed chocolate in the moment!

2014 Madelyn offers chocolate for the chocolate break in Tricia's office.
2014 Madelyn offers chocolate for our chocolate break in Tricia’s office.

Gregg and I enjoyed a night out with my parents who continue to teach life lessons to me.

Celebrating our anniversaries together--with my mom & dad--September 11, 2014
2014–Celebrating our anniversaries together–with mom & dad–September 11.


(Written by Kerrie Carlisle Palmer © 2014 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED)




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