Advent Week 2: LOVE . . . It’s BIG

The story of God has always overwhelmed me.  The truth of it, changes how I manage life on a daily basis.  So. I believe  in the value of keeping the tradition of telling the story of God during the four weeks of Advent, scheduled on the church calendar for centuries.  Accordingly, it makes sense,  a relationship, home, church, community and even the world will be changed when at least one individual is changed by the telling of the story of God.  The ripple effect of change is powerful.

Yes. I know the story of God is impossible.  But.  The way everything is viewed in life changes when it’s understood that God is Reality.  And, with God, nothing is impossible.  Nothing.

The truth of “impossible” is revealed in Luke 1:37, part of the Christmas story.

So.  The focus during the second week of Advent is LOVE.  It’s BIG; it’s bigger than what can be comprehended.

God’s BIG LOVE is holy, unusual, unconditional, unshakeable, unfathomable, and unstoppable.  And.  God’s BIG LOVE is extended to the most unlikely of characters, a BIG LOVE given through grace for each, regardless of how life has been lived. There’s nothing mediocre about it.

No one will argue that there are some devious, dark, and evil people in this world.  To think that God loves each of these individuals with BIG LOVE, with an intensity that breaks the chains of inner oppression, with an incredible power. beyond what all of humanity could ever do together seems impossible.  But. It’s BIG LOVE, only possible through God.

The thing is . . .  I’m not saying God loves devious, dark, or evil acts . . . God hates the things that are not of BIG LOVE (check out Isaiah 66: 5).   God loves the person.  So.  Today, focus on why LOVE in the flesh came down:

 “For God expressed His LOVE for the world in this way: He gave His only Son so that whoever believes in Him will not face everlasting destruction, but will have everlasting life”  (John 3:16, The VOICE). 

LOVE came down not just for you and I, but for all of humanity.  Impossible?  No, not with God.

Celebrate God’s BIG LOVE this week.

Today . . . light the candle symbolizing hope and light the candle symbolizing love . . . tell the story of God’s BIG LOVE, praying for a specific individual to receive it.

It matters–Kerrie


Some of you have asked me to share some more pictures of “our cottage.” We live simply.  And.  We celebrate BIG.

When you come into our cottage, we welcome you with the shalom of God.

entry christmas 2014

We repurposed some old doors–this is one–leading to our kitchen just off the entry door 2014

We have a galley kitchen.  Tiffany’s famous quote, “Mom remember a kitchen is not just about looks, it has to be functional.”  My response to her was, “WHAT?”kitchen christmas 2014

Our dining/den.

dining and den christmas 2014

advent wreath 2014

Our main room.

The stockings are hung in celebration of our family, including our little Lucy.
The stockings are hung in celebration of our family, including our little Lucy.

christmas fireplace 2014

main room christmas 2014

We have a lot of work left to do in “our cottage.” We’ve pray “our cottage,” and for that matter, our lives, are filled with God’s BIG LOVE, wherever we are at in the process.

walk way christmas 2014

(Written by Kerrie Carlisle Palmer © 2014 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED)


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