I’m Saying “No.”

The last two weeks have ben a whirlwind of everything. It was beautiful and messy all at the same time.  The holidays have a way of making life something that’s not reality on a daily basis, which is okay for a short amount of time.  Not that I think life should ever be mundane or boring.  But.  There’s something to having order and room to breathe.
I’m easily distracted with the “too much” of life.  So.   I’ve learned to re-visit the simplicity of the three words, “Do what matters” on a daily basis.   These words put me back on track to living with purpose each day.  The thing is . . . there are a lot of “no’s” to be said . . .  when I follow these three words.  But.  Amazingly enough, people are able to manage their life when I say, “No.”
Life does go on.
Yet.  There are people who work hard to convince me to change my “no” to “yes.”  I’ve had to learn to look them in the eye, to refrain from trying to explain or justify my “no” and say it with firm kindness.
And.  Yes.  It’s possible to be firm and kind at once.
It’s not an oxymoron.
I can tell you first hand that the cost is high when “no” is not used.  Peace is the price.  It’s replaced with stress, chaos and exhaustion.  I’m an expert on these matters.  Just ask my family and friends.  They will tell you.  The truth of the matter is, that it’s a work in progress for me.
I am determined to keep on this pathway, especially now as we ramp it up and begin our official Pre-launch season of The Red Door Community Church.  I have to be more intentional than ever, keeping my accountability partners close, who, by the way, are shameless at calling me out on the subject of saying, “no.”   Most importantly, I have to keep this front and center with God.  Prayer is key to keep focused, refusing the “too much” life, doing what matters.
If, you would like to receive The Red Door Prayer and Information Email this week let me know.  Here’s the form:

For me, doing only what matters is a matter of the soul.  When I have peace in my soul, I manage life so much differently than when I’m directed by the “too much” of life.   I received the perfect Christmas gift from Tim, a plaque which I hung front and center in my kitchen as a reminder of the value and outcome of doing what matters:  IT IS WELL WITH MY SOUL.
It is well with my soul
If, my soul is not well, I know I’m missing the word, “no.”   The holidays are over and it’s time for me to say, “no” more often.
My prayer is that you, too, will be able to say, “no” in order to do what matters in your life.
Jesus’ words were clear on saying “yes” and “no”:
Saying “no” is good for the soul.
It matters–Kerrie

One of the many things we enjoyed the last few weeks was going to the Portland Zoo Lights.  So much fun with Madelyn and Sydney!  It was a good “yes,” great for the soul.

Madelyn on the bus to the zoo lights

We waited in line for the zoo train. It was worth it–Madelyn loved the window seat and especially loved the blue lighted walls of the tunnel.

Sydney at the zoo lights

Sydney wanted to know if we could be served water and snacks on the little zoo train. Not sure how. But. Good idea!

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(Written by Kerrie Carlisle Palmer © 2015 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED)


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