“It Will Be Okay”

We made our way down the Oregon Coast to celebrate Miss Ellie’s first birthday on January 8th.  The beauty of the Pacific Ocean outlining Highway 101 was breathtaking.  Waves crashing into the gigantic rocks towering above the deep waters made me believe in the presence and power of God all over again.  It put the daily news and all life circumstances into perspective.

I’ve had a lifetime of moments that have taught me to keep perspective along the way.  Years ago, when I was expecting Tiffany, I struggled with thinking beyond the moment.  Labor began months before it was supposed to.  It was incredibly traumatic.  The trauma impeded any kind of praying except for the 9-1-1 help prayer:  “Help God!  Help!”

In the midst of the chaos, stuck in a hospital room, begging for help, I heard the voice of God.  For real.  No bells, whistles, or lights flashing.  But.  Real. And.  Simple.  “It will be okay.”

Nothing else.  No plan of attack.  No answers.  Just the four words.

Gregg was on his way home to be with our daughter, Tricia, for a few minutes.  He prayed.  God gave him the same four words in the car.  It pretty much blew him away.  He had never known God’s voice to be so real.  Meanwhile, my parents and little sister prayed together in the middle of our living room as they waited for Gregg.  They heard the same words.  Since it was pre-cell phone days, pre-texting, pre-social media posting, pre-everything, we had to wait to talk about it.

It seems to me that taking time to wait is a lost art and, yet, necessary.  Waiting gives time to receive, absorb, and respond to what God gives us.

Sometimes it’s hard to believe, especially in the midst of chaos, crisis, and trauma.  Perspective is crucial.  Four words, gave me perspective like the Pacific Ocean waves crashing over gigantic rocks: “It will be okay.”

It matters-Kerrie

Wow.  One thing is for sure, the struggles of yesterday look different today.

tiffany and me first meetingThe first time I held Tiffany.

Meeting Ellie minutes after delivery.
January 8, 2014

My first meeting with Ellie.

Tiffany & Tricia-  Tiff is one together

Tiffany, just turned one, with Tricia, three years old.  Anyone else have these kind of classic photo shoots? I thought it was such a big deal!  Apparently baby shoes have changed too. At least I polished Tiffany’s shoes a bright white.  Does any one use shoe polish these days?

tiff and ellie at bday

Tiffany and Ellie at the “one-derful” whimsical party this weekend.  Ellie’s pink shoes made a big statement.

I carried the four God-given words with me then, and,  I carry them with me now:  “It will be okay.”

Wondering what our perspective of The Red Door Community Church will be like a year from now???

This is The Red Door Community Church first pre-launch week.  Red Door Prayer and Information Email Pre-launch week 1 will be sent this week. 

If, you would like to receive The Red Door Prayer and Information Email let me know.  Here’s the form:

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(Written by Kerrie Carlisle Palmer © 2015 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED)




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