To You

To you,
You are more amazing than you could ever imagine.
You are a traveler of sorts, moving through this time and place on the way to eternity where you will live ever after.
You will be surprised at how fast the time you have on earth will pass away.
You will be amazed when you step into heaven and experience a party of a life-time with unending joy, love, and peace.
Until then.
You have a God-given purpose on earth.
You are created to receive the “more of God” and nothing less.
You are destined to be set free from all that has prevented you to be you.
You are never alone, God is always with you and will never leave you.
You are blessed when you know the activity of God in your life.
You are made to risk everything for faith, refusing to settle for comfort and routine.
You are meant to be Christ’s companion, sent with a purpose to dramatically change the world with your unique abilities and one-of-a-kind personality.
You are bound for high adventure when you follow Christ anywhere at anytime, even to the ends of the earth.
You are to think the thoughts of Christ, with the mindset that all things are possible.
You are assigned to be salt and light, adding flavor wherever you go, shining the presence of Christ.
You are to share God’s love, grace, and kindness to anyone and everyone.
You are to always have hope with a fresh anticipation for what’s next.
You are made to celebrate the gift of the day.  So.  Let the party begin.
Thank you for making a difference in my life and in the world.  You make my life a party!  Happy travels.
It matters–Kerrie
Ellie getting ready for her first of many parties:
ellie getting ready for party 1ellie getting ready for party 2Ellie getting ready for party 4getting ready for party 5getting ready for party 6Ellie standing

This is The Red Door Community Church first pre-launch week.  Red Door Prayer and Information Email Pre-launch week 1 will be sent this week.  It’s a party along the way.  September 13, 2015, our launch day will be a party like no other.

If, you would like to receive The Red Door Prayer and Information Email let me know.  Here’s the form:

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(Written by Kerrie Carlisle Palmer © 2015 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED)

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