Having Done All . . . Stand

I took the girls to my parents’ home yesterday.   They routinely question me when we make the trip,  “Are Grandpa and Grandma Carlisle really your dad and mom?”

They’ve made it clear that they don’t think someone as old as I am could have parents.  It’s as, if, they think of me as a hologram of Mount Rushmore. Their painfully honest conversations are proof of their thoughts on my age.  Just a few weeks ago, Madelyn, who has seen pictures and heard stories of my childhood, asked, “Have you always been old?”
 I showed her a picture of me as a little girl with my grandpa.  She shook her head and with all sincerity said, “It really doesn’t look like you.”
I told her, “I think it looks just like me, except, I’m taller now.”
She laughed.  And.  Laughed.  And. Laughed.
One thing is for sure:  We have different thoughts on this subject.
There are thoughts that become like an earthquake in the mind, resulting in stress, discouragement, and fear.  And.  There are thoughts that strengthen and empower.  The thoughts  you and I choose to keep in our mind, direct the outcome of our circumstances and ultimately our life.
The way I think will impact the way I lead The Red Door Community Church leadership and core team.  The thing is . . . most church planters are young and men.  And.  Church planting is known to be hard work.  And.  There’s not a lot of people who want to do the work of planting a church.  And. Many church plants fail.  But.  These facts are not to be my thoughts.  Planting a church is not about age or gender or circumstances.  It’s about God.
My go-to-thought in this season comes from the Bible:
HAVING DONE ALL . . . STAND (from Ephesians 6:13). 
It’s a thought that you and I can’t afford to forget. It’s a thought that renews our mind. It’s a big thought, a God-thought.
It’s a thought that gives me an immovable and unshakeable mindset that God will do what the team and I can’t do on our own.  It’s a thought for whatever needs to be faced:  health, finances, jobs, relationships, and everything else.
Christ is Reality.
Christ is present.
Christ is powerful.
Christ is faithful.
Christ is gracious.
Christ is my friend.
Christ is my companion through it all.
Christ is over me.
Christ is under me.
Christ is around me.
Christ is in me.
When I intentionally keep Christ in the center of my thoughts, conscious that Christ is bigger than anything I face, aware of Christ’s supernatural presence and power, I think differently and respond to what’s in front of me with a renewed confidence and strength.
I’m choosing to keep an immovable and unshakeable mindset with the front and center thought:  “Having done all . . . stand.”
It matters–Kerrie
I showed Madelyn this picture of me and my grandpa standing together.  I still don’t know why she doesn’t think this looks like me.  She also asked if the world I grew up in was black and white.  I said, “Yes.”
. . .  I’m thinking I should wear my blue butterfly glasses again.  They were awesome!
 Grandpa Jones and Me back in the day
And.  Now.  The world is in color.
The girls with mom & dad yesterday:
 mom quizzing madelynMadelyn and mom quizzed each other.  Looks like Madelyn is thinking about her answer.dad and sydneySydney served dad. madelyn reading to momMadelyn read Berenstain Bear books to mom.
dad and syd 11dad and mom and the girlsJust as I snapped the picture–toys begin to fly–Madelyn was trying to hold on!

This is The Red Door Community Church first pre-launch week.  Red Door Prayer and Information Email Pre-launch week 1 will be sent this week.   September 13, 2015, our launch day will be only because of God.

If, you would like to receive The Red Door Prayer and Information Email let me know.  Here’s the form:

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(Written by Kerrie Carlisle Palmer © 2015 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED)

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