I quit.
It’s necessary.
I won’t reconsider.
So, yes, I QUIT!
It leaves me breathless with:
The thing is . . .
I’ve served two great churches with great people and great resources.  My roles in each setting required me to strategize and list “how” something would happen, a routine exercise of sitting down and planning out the beginning to the end.  I enjoy strategizing, so figuring out “how” came  naturally.  Prayer was always a part of it; however, to be honest, the people and resources needed were mostly available, so, I usually knew how it would happen. Everyone was in.  Everyone wanted to make sure it happened.  Everyone was in prayer and ready to serve.  We were one, unified in what needed to be done, ready to move.
The “how” of the needs of a church to be birthed are completely different.
There is space from here to there.
How will nothing become something?
How will there be enough?
How will it all work out?
. . . Yesterday.
I focused on things out of our control.
My prayer became one word, “HOW?”
I left for a meeting focused on the big question, “HOW?”
For whatever it’s worth, the “HOW” does not discount my faith or the team’s faith that it will happen.  There’s complete trust in God.  This is God’s work.  Period.   Yet.  There’s a mysterious component of beginning a church unlike a new businesses or organization.   And. There is more unknown than known, uncertainty than certainty, and questions than answers, bringing the “HOW” to the front and center.
So.  There I was at the meeting, listening to a presentation, when I was quietly approached and asked, “Could I apply for a grant for The Red Door Community Church?”
“I would like to apply for a grant for The Red Door. Would that be okay?”
(I should note that my first response was, “duh;” however, I refrained and responded with a measure of maturity.)
I know the grant may not be given to The Red Door.  But.  We’ve already had other similar moments. So. I knew it was a living lesson for me to understand that I need to shut the door on the “how” of the unknown, uncertainty, and questions, focusing on what’s ours to do, trusting God for it all.
Quitting the “how” of things not in our control, resting in the goodness and power of God to make all things work together, creates the ability to walk through the door God opens to take care of the “how.”  It’s what the words from Romans 8:28 mean:
  • And we know that God
  • causes everything
  • to work together
  • for the good
  • of those who love God
  • and are called according to his purpose for them.
I pray you, too, will quit the “how” of things not in your control.  God will open the door to amazing possibilities, taking care of the “how.”
It matters-Kerrie

gregg and me and ellie first birthday black and white #3

In Brookings, Oregon with Miss Ellie for her first birthday!

God has clearly opened the door to amazing possibilities in her little life.


This is The Red Door Community Church first pre-launch week.  The Red Door Prayer and Information Email Pre-launch week 1 will be sent tomorrow, Saturday, January 17.  

Can’t wait to see “how” God orchestrates September 13, 2015, The Red Door launch day.

If, you would like to receive The Red Door Prayer and Information Email let me know.  Here’s the form:

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(Written by Kerrie Carlisle Palmer © 2015 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED)

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