Celebrate The Day

It’s never easy to get back to work after a celebration.

It’s not that I don’t love my work.  I do.  But. It was a gift to celebrate during the long Memorial Weekend.  I’m a believer in celebrating, recognizing life is a gift, even in the challenges of it all.There’s a renewal of gratefulness when there’s celebration.    When you get down to it, celebration is a vital discipline of life.

Throughout the years of my life, I’ve tried to live by what is written in Psalm 118:24:

24 This is the day the Eternal God has made;

God has made this day.  God never fails to make a new day.  And.  The day is to be celebrated.  Of course, I’ve failed to celebrate some days because of being consumed with the moment.  There was a time in my life that I had hoped I would have it all figured out and have a mostly perfect life, making every moment a reason to celebrate.  I was young.  That’s all I can say about that.

When it all comes down to it, the focus of celebration is the gift of life, which will never be fully appreciated when it’s evaluated on the perfection of the moment. BUT.  When you get down to it, the day is made up of a a series of miracles strung together from sunrise to sunset. And.  It’s reason to celebrate.

The thing is . . . miracles are never earned . . . but freely given.  And.  Miracles are present; however, sometimes it necessitates looking beyond the circumstance of the moment.  So. Today.  Stop.  Breathe.  Look beyond the stuff.  See the miracle of the moment.  Celebrate, giving thanks to God.

I celebrate each individual in my life, grateful for the gift to live today.  I’m intentionally celebrating this new season of life–recognizing the journey as a gift every day–and always a miracle:

Driving away 3 in the 1955 thunderbirdI celebrate my Joys every day:

face book joy with girls

Celebration matters–Kerrie

PS  And.  I’m celebrating all that God has done and is doing as The Red Door Community Church prepares for launch on September 13, 2015!

Check out The Red Door Community Church Facebook page (click here)!

red door cover

Would you consider praying big for The Red Door Community Church  and asking others to pray big.  We launch on 9.13.15 and would love you to set your phone/alarm at 9:13 AM & PM as a reminder to pray specifically

for God’s favor,
for a place,
for people to boldly join us in this adventure,
for The Red Door Community Church to make a difference in the community, giving thanks.

We will be sending The Red Door Prayer Journal and Needs this week.  We are praying for many individuals to stand with us.

If, you would like to receive The Red Door Prayer Journal and Needs let me know.  Here’s the form:

(Written by Kerrie Carlisle Palmer © 2015 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED)

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