Good or Best?

Last night at MAXIMIZE, I taught about what we focus on throughout the day is key to maximizing our life.  But.  There was a disclaimer that had to be made.  I don’t always do what I know is best to do.  There you have it.

This means there are times I’m not living the best life.  It’s not that life is bad; it’s actually good.  BUT.   It’s not the best it can be.   I need to live smarter.  Right now.  In this very moment and throughout the day.

Here’s the thing, the day is filled with opportunities to make “good” or  “best”  choices.   Of course, I want the best; however, when I am not focused on what is best, I choose to spend my time on something good.  It’s not bad but it’s not best.  Just good.

Throughout life, I’ve learned people and circumstances will take charge of the choice, if, I don’t.  In the moment, it often seems like  there is no other choice.  Turns out, there’s always a choice, despite what it seems.

So.  Here’s what must be asked, “Will this choice promote what is mine to do?  Is this good or is this best? What will this look like in the big picture of life?

To see the big picture, I must go to God.  After all, God has the BIG picture of life.  Yes.  This sounds like what a pastor would say.  In truth, it comes from me learning that if, I don’t focus on God, my focus won’t  be on the best, only the good.

It all comes down to  whether the focus is on the stuff of this “world”  or on God.   When there is a BIG picture focus, I’m not only impacted but everyone around me is impacted.  What’s best in my life will impact others in the best way.  Some may argue this in the moment, but what someone wants me to think, say, or do may not be the best.  It may be good but not best.

God’s message is clear:   Romans 12:2 –Do not allow this world to mold you in its own image. Instead, be transformed from the inside out by renewing your mind. As a result, you will be able to discern what God wills and whatever God finds good, pleasing, and complete (The Voice (VOICE)).

Discerning what God wills, whatever God finds good, pleasing, and complete is the best.

So.  The best thing is to stay connected to the Voice: to pause and listen, refusing to settle by giving into the good. And, to see God’s picture of life–the BIG picture.

Here’s the challenge:  Go for the best, refusing to settle for the good. Focus on God’s BIG picture.  It matters–Kerrie

focus on what's best

Take a look at the latest news from The Red Door Leadership.  And.  There’s a new form below to sign up for The Red Door Community Church!

Listen, if you want to be a part of this exciting time–let us know.  The easiest way is to email me at or Pastor Kathy at

Anyone and everyone is welcome to attend.

We have ways for you to invest into this new work beyond attendance–here’s some ways with a form to fill out and submit:

1.  Missionary team–those who take a leave of absence from their community of faith to serve one year as a part of the core team.

2.  Core team–those who are the strength and the “backbone” of the beginning of the church–their  combined DNA will be the DNA of the church.  The big deal–is their presence, setting the attitude, believing The Red Door Community Church is necessary in the community and an amazing part of the work of God in this world!

3.  Giving team–those who give of their time, talent, and/or resources to be a blessing by contributing to the work of impacting individuals, creating a community of faith, and blessing the community.    Some who are a part of this team may rarely, if, ever actually attend but want to participate in this new work of God. (The Red Door Community Church defines blessed as to know the activity of God and to bless to be a part of the activity of God.)

4.  Prayer team–those who pray.  We are asking each to be willing to set their alarms for 9.13 am/pm (9.13–launch day) and to pray big and bold for the favor of God.  Some who are a part of this team may rarely, if, ever actually attend but want to participate in the new work of God. We also will be adding a prayer list with specific needs of others.

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