On Wings As Eagles

You are courageous.  I know this day is one of the most difficult days you’ve lived as you say good-bye to the Love of your life with your shared friends and family. You’ve faced the challenge of it all, choosing to set this day aside for sacred remembrance and holy celebration.  And.  Now.  The day is here.  In some ways, the day will seem surreal; however the reality of it all will at times feel like a giant weight pressing in on your heart.

I’m praying you will receive comfort and strength today in the midst of the devastation of death and incomprehensible grief, releasing you from the weight of it.   I hope the God-Words chosen for today’s service will provide sustenance for your heart as well as each individual in attendance:

28 Don’t you know? Haven’t you heard?
The Eternal, the Everlasting God,
The Creator of the whole world, never gets tired or weary.
His wisdom is beyond understanding.
29 God strengthens the weary
and gives vitality to those worn down by age and care.
30 Young people will get tired;
strapping young men will stumble and fall.
31 But those who trust in the Eternal One will regain their strength.
They will soar on wings as eagles.
They will run—never winded, never weary.
They will walk—never tired, never faint (Isaiah 40:28-31, VOICE)

I see these God-words as a multi-dimensional picture of God releasing the strength and energy of life on earth as well as in heaven.  So.  My prayer for you is to soar on wings as eagles on this side as your Love soars heaven-side, blessed with God’s strength and energy of life.  It may seem impossible; however, the impossible is possible with God.

May God grant you more than you can imagine now or ever.

May you be blessed with God’s life-giving strength and energy  and soar on wings as eagles.

May you soar on this day of sacred remembrance and holy celebration.  It matters–Kerrie

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(Written by Kerrie Carlisle Palmer © 2015 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED)


Author: Kerrie Carlisle Palmer

Hi there, I am a Life-Story Teller, Co-Developer of TableThink (https://www.tablethink.com), co-host of TableThink and Think On This Podcasts, Pastor, Church Planter, Founder of Red Door Church. I love to be with my family, friends, and anyone I meet along the way. Two musts are coffee and celebrations. I hope you and I are able to connect soon.

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