The Art Of Living

I’m at the Oregon Garden Resort this morning with an amazing group–ones who are called to love through fostering and adopting children.  My heart is full for the commitment and determination to give children the opportunity to be a part of a family and experience love that just won’t stop.

My daughter, Tricia, is a part of the leadership group.  Each individual has worked on the smallest and greatest of details to make this weekend a time of refreshment and a place to refocus and restore.  It’s powerful to be a recipient of their hard work.

As I’m getting ready to share the message this morning, I’ve been thinking about the importance of how we do the tasks we are assigned to do–whether it’s doing the laundry or working in a high powered job.  There’s an art to allowing what we’ve received from God to be revealed in what we do–even in the smallest of tasks.

Tricia and I with Madelyn at Christmas

(Three generations:  Tricia, Madelyn, and myself on Christmas morning.  One of my favorite moments in time.)

Years ago, I was impacted by a book written by Edith Schafer, called the Art of Living. She talked about making certain moments memorable by being creative and thoughtful, even in the most mundane and simple tasks.  She made me understand that even the way I made a bed or folded a towel mattered.   And.  I agree.  Our  attitude, love, and creativity in the most simple acts of service will impact those around us.

And.  I’m impacted this weekend by the love and creativity of each individual–the art of how they live–revealing the gift of life, the masterpiece and workmanship of God.

More later–Kerrie


(Written by Kerrie Carlisle Palmer © 2015 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED)



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