Telling Our Story: God Will Fight For You!

Well–I would never have believed it, nor would he, or our kids for that matter.  But.  Gregg has been persuaded to help me speak about the walls that we put up between ourselves and God, one another, and even opportunities tomorrow at THE RED DOOR COMMUNITY CHURCH at 10:30 AM (1776 Titan Dr. NW  97304).

And, we will be talking about how to protect our lives, making them stronger.  It’s part of our START series, we will talk about a tactical response to life and explain,   “You have God’s favor.  God will fight for you!”

It’s going to be a lot of fun.  After all this is our RED-LETTER year–looking forward to celebrating 40 years of marriage on 9.11.  Yep. 9.11.

Click here to see some of the slides I’ve begun to put together for our 40th–it’s going to take some serious time–I mean, 40 years!

It’s true–God will fight for you!–Kerrie

Be assured our True God will fight for us~Nehemiah 4:20, Voice

wedding picturecruise picturechristmas couple picturethree kids picture 2a-kerrie-and-gregg-and-ellie (1)tiff's wedding2008-port-townsentsummer grandkidsmadelyn and us for halloweenout with mom and dad

IMG_1408(Written by Kerrie Carlisle Palmer © 2015 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED)

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