Gregg and I are in transition.   


I’ve never been a big fan of change when it comes to where I live.  Home is my sacred space; the place I can take a breath and pause in the midst of the busyness and craziness of the world around me. 


Here we are. 

The story of how it all happened is remarkable.  We never put our home up for sale.  I mentioned we were thinking of selling it.  The next day we received a call from a sweet young couple from THE RED DOOR COMMUNITY CHURCH.  They wanted to buy it. 


They did. 

We worked for almost four years on our fixer upper and even then, there was much more to do. Here’s a sampling of we did–flooring, lighting, barn-wood bookcases, arches, shiplap, french doors: 

fixer upper #1

fixer upper #2



They moved in and three days later had painted the whole interior with new colors.  I love that they not only made it their home but did it with creativity-plus.  Seriously, I thought we had made it homey and cool—but in only three days—they transformed our little fixer upper to AWESOME.  I will ask for some pictures of what they have done to share with you.



We’re making our new residence a home.  It’s work to make it a home.  It’s not a three-day process for us.  Turns out we’re taking the slow route.  So.  We have a motto:

Do one thing each day—and maybe we will be done by the end of the summer!  


Sidetrack:  I confess.  I’ve discovered I’m a book hoarder.  Even, though I’ve given hundreds of books away in the last few years of my life–I still have too many.  Yes.  I have electronic books.  BUT.  I enjoy a hardback book like no other–old and new.  Books give me joy! Add coffee to that . . . and, well . . . 


We had an amazing group of family and friends who moved us and began our process of helping us settle and make our new residence a home. 



Yesterday—we had another huge boost!  Friends came after church—and went right to work.  The thing is . . . each person who’s been in our new residence makes it seem more like home . . . the things they do are frosting on our new adventure.   

It’s clear to me that relationship with God and one another is what’s necessary to live the best life possible and what abundance is really all about, regardless of where we live.  Even so, it’s easy to believe abundance is based on money and stuff.  


I’ve experienced abundance from the fruit of a relationship with God and one another, so, I can say with confidence–it’s the key to true wealth in life.

Actually, it’s what Jesus confirmed in Luke 10: 

Scholar: 27 You shall love—“love the Eternal One your God with everything you have: all your heart, all your soul, all your strength, and all your mind”—and “love your neighbor as yourself.”

Jesus: 28 Perfect. Your answer is correct. Follow these commands and you will live. (Voice).  

The thing is . . .

I do know that our home, like everything else that matters in life, is about relationship.

I’m grateful our new residence has now become home, regardless of the tasks we need to do in order to be settled–Kerrie

I will post more pictures later—but these pictures of our front porch tell the story . . .

June 10– Our friend, Lindsay, came to help unpack some things and took this picture:

Front Porch June 10, 2016

June 12— I took this picture–yes, I know it’s not the best quality–but this is a picture of some of the group of friends that came–they’re all the best.

friends helping june 2016 - 1

Chairs were put together and lined up for coffee and conversation on the porch. June 2016 porch chairs put together - 1

Our friend, Kevin, took this picture of the plants that were friend-picked out and planted.

Front Porch June 12 with my new plants

(Written by Kerrie L. Carlisle Palmer © 2016 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED)

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