A Great Woman: Mom

Dear Mom,

No matter what . . .

You’ve loved us.

You’ve been able to see the best in us.

You’ve been positive, believing  something good will work out, despite it all.

You’ve moved forward, even when life was difficult and dark.

You’ve stayed the course, never losing faith.

You’ve been a diligent and relentless prayer “warrior,” calling prayer teams all over the world to join you, expecting God to be at work, believing mountains will be moved when people pray in the name of Jesus.

You’ve said the same words repeatedly throughout the decades:  ”I know it will work out.

You’ve had an attitude of gratitude.

You’ve staked your life on the power, presence, and peace of God.

You’ve kept this way of living the priority for all of us . . . your kids, grandkids, great-grandkids . . . and friends.

We honor your 80-years of living with gratefulness and love, knowing our lives have been impacted by a great woman who has relentlessly loved and lived with faith that with God . . . nothing and I mean nothing . . . is impossible.

You are a great woman.

We love you MOM.  Happy 80th birthday!

And.  Thank you for constantly speaking and living the words, “ So the impossible is possible with God” (Luke 1:37, Voice).

mom picture 1955family together 1974

crazy carlisles windows out

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