Best Day Ever

We received a few preview pictures of our celebration weekend–forty years of marriage and our one year birthday at The Red Door Community Church.  By the way, Shelly Mackerell, an AWESOME photographer, spent a good portion of this weekend with us–recording our time with our family and RDC.

9.11.1976 marked the beginning of what has led us to now.  Honestly, we had no idea of the journey we would be on . . . the awesome . . . the hard . . . the challenge . . . the failures . . . the wins . . . our life together.

So . . . 9.11.1976

40 years ago . . . our story together . . . Mr. & Mrs.
Kim Heinrichs Goetz . . . best friends . . . next door neighbors . . . living and growing together.
Even though my sister, Shelley,  and I are 12 years apart–we’ve always been best friends.
Grandpa Roleder trying to put the seriousness into Brad Mikkelson, best friend for life, and Gregg.
This picture gives insight to Brad and Gregg’s friendship!
So grateful for the love and support of these . . .
My girls . . .
The guys . . . turns out I hung out with them almost as much as Gregg did.
Mom and I
Dad and I
Dad gave me the talk . . . “Before we go down the aisle, just remember you will set the tone, it’s your choice if this wedding is about laughter or tears.” Turns out that’s good life advice.
Gregg and I chose his cousin, Jane, and my cousin, Kathy, to light the candles . . . representing the light of our families becoming one.
Rev. Chuck Shorow, our pastor and friend, along with Rev. Emil J. Roleder, “grandpa,” merged together–we had counseling from both–it was a gift to us.
The walk–take a look at the veil that never ended.
We asked our parents to be a part of the ceremony, committing to support, love, and encourage us.
I will always love this church building–the beauty is remarkable.
My aunties–spoke life into me . . . auntie Ruth, auntie Lue, and auntie Lorraine. My cousin Elaine included me in many adventures despite the years between us. They were all key in my childhood.
And, then . . . forty years happened . . . 9.11.2016.
The ORIGINAL FIVE . . . our sweet gifts–Tricia Mae, Tiffany Beth, and Timothy Richard.
These three are living JOY to us.
Our RDC team joked about the fact that we now had wandered for forty years and were ready to enter the Promised Land . . . in a way they are right . . . we’ve had a lot to learn from the stuff of life.
This is the reward for forty years.
Only God could have arranged our 40th anniversary to be on the same day as the first birthday of RDC (The Red Door Community Church)–THE BEST DAY EVER.

Early this morning, Shelly sent me one of the hundreds of pictures of RDC’s service and celebration . . . it represents the dream of starting a church when I was 16 . . . the cross behind me and sign was made by Dan Stearns, one of the RDC church planters.  She captured the light hitting the sign . . . THE BEST DAY EVER.

And, then . . .

With God–there’s always more.  Here’s to many BEST DAYS EVER–Kerrie.

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