The Impossible Became Possible . . . A Miracle

I believe in miracles.  I mean.  Look around.  Miracles are everywhere.  All the time.


Sometimes we need to call attention to a miracle, to remember there’s always more when we live our life connected with God.  Or, as I said yesterday at RDC–when we bind our life with God–qavah.  Yep, I challenged everyone to use the Hebrew word, qavah, today.  Check that off for me.


When the gift of life is front and center rather than drudgery, difficulties, and darkness, when there’s a realization that existing comes from the divine touch of God, when the day itself is seen as a miracle, then it all can be seen as pure grace.


Kaeyln Grace–which means pure grace–was born.  She was an amazing surprise after praying for 23 years.  SURPRISING.  Yes, we believed. EVEN, SO . . .

As time went on . . . it all seemed, well . . . impossible.


A miracle is the impossible becoming possible.


The miracle has a birthday today, a reminder that the pure grace of God opens the door to miracles, making the impossible become possible.

Happy Birthday sweet Kaelyn Grace.  You are a miracle.  Always.

I love you!

My first face-face meeting with Kaelyn!

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