A Little Light


She asked a question.  It was a big question and as always straightforward.  It’s how she thinks despite only being seven years old.  I’m not sure what she will end up doing with her life; however, I am sure it will make a difference.  I mean. This girl gets it. 

The question:  “Why are there so many homeless people when there are so many homes?” 

It certainly made me think.  Hard. My response was not an answer, “Good question.” 

It’s a good question and it deserves an answer.

This sweet girl reminded me that I need to be constantly attentive to those in need.


It wasn’t that long ago when we had a talk about orphans in this world who need families.  My heart.

There are so many in this world who have needs.  It’s too big of a problem to have one answer.

One thing I know for sure is that the answer starts with you and I.  At least that’s how I understand what Christ said:  “And you, beloved, are the light of the world. A city built on a hilltop cannot be hidden”  (Matthew 5:14, Voice).

 It seems to me, if, there were more willing to be light there would be less in need.  It’s the answer God has issued . . . for you and I . . . to be light.

I finally gave an answer to reassure her and all of our kiddos:

You and I can be a part of the answer as light.  When I watch you, I see the light in you shining.  And. I’m proud and grateful you have chosen to be a light.

In her wisdom she looked at me and said:

But. I’m just a little light.

This girl’s heart.

I told her:

 Your light matters.  And, it makes even more of difference when your light shines with other light.  It’s one reason we are the Church . . . all of us . . . to be light together.

I said one more thing to her:

 Our world sure needs more light.  Let’s agree to always be light together and shine.

Her answer was a big smile and a huge hug that lit up my world.

More later –Kerrie


Shelly Mackerell Photography © 2016 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

(Written by Kerrie Carlisle Palmer © 2016 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED) 

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