Like A Surprise Snow

like-a-surprise-snowy-day-hopeI’m always wanting and waiting for snow in the winter, hoping for the muddy-bare earth to be made new with falling flakes.

Some winters come and go without a possibility of snow in our Oregon Valley.


Snow days are mystical and miraculous for me. 


No chance of percipitation.   No possibility of snow.


The skies opened up and snow came down.

Just like that.

One flake and then more . . .  covered everything . . . the bare ground, trees, sidewalks, streets, and house.



Breath-taking peace came this early winter morning, giving reason to believe nothing is impossible, not even snow on a no-chance day.  In the stillness of it all, God was evident.

When everything has been stripped away, leaving all things empty and barren with no chance of something more, there’s an aloneness which settles in, stealing the hope of possibilities.


God comes like a surprise snow.

What seems dead comes alive as the heartbeat of hope gives sight of possibilities from what is seen as impossible.

 Jesus, God-with-us, said it:

With God, nothing is impossible (Matthew 19:26).

This is hope—Kerrie

out with mom and dad
With Gregg and my sweet parents . . .
Contact Information:
Rev.  Kerrie L. Palmer
1219 3rd St NW  Salem  97304
PO Box  5985 Salem OR 97304


Written by Kerrie Carlisle Palmer © 2016 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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