An Unexpected Crisis

Years ago, my friend and her son were in a severe life-threatening car accident seven days before Christmas.  Her husband asked me as well as a couple of other friends to go to their home and gather  some things for him.  He told us a note on the refrigerator would provide the information of where to find it all.

I was stunned.

My friend had prepared in advance for an unexpected crisis.

There was a note on the refrigerator entitled “just in case” . . . it led us to a drawer with an updated notebook of information for insurance, medical needs, banking, and bills.  It also had a section entitled, “Where You Can Find This.”  The list had all sorts of items listed, from keys to important forms.  Everything was in organized.  Her home was beautiful in it’s simplicity and order.  She even had frozen meals prepared in advance.

I could not help but think of the disaster and disorder that was waiting for me at my home.  I was not ready for the next day, let alone for an emergency.

Since then, I’ve realized my friend was not only being a good steward (manager) with what she had but whom she had in her life.

Crisis happens.

It’s part of the human experience.  I’ve repeatedly learned that a crisis is an intersection of choices.  Where life ends up after the crisis is dependent on how each of us choose to respond in the crisis. If, there’s intentional pre-planning to help prevent chaos, then, the best choices are easier to make.

When you get down to it, Jesus spent a significant amount of time preparing the disciples for his journey to the cross.  I think John’s book in the New Testament reveals it in a magnificent way in chapters 13-17.

Chapter 13 starts this way:

Before the Passover festival began, Jesus was keenly aware that His hour had come to depart from this world and to return to the Father.  From beginning to end, Jesus’ days were marked by His love for His people (John 13: 1, Voice).

 Jesus prepared because of love.
I want to do the same as Jesus.
One thing is for sure . . . my choice of how to respond in a crisis needs to happen before the crisis.   I want to be more intentional because I love–Kerrie
 Written by Kerrie Carlisle Palmer © 2017 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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