When It’s Too Much

My heart.

My family.  My friends.  My faith community.  My all.

I pray for all to have the best life possible.  It’s my heart’s desire.

Yes, I’ve learned life does not always go as it seems it should go.  Even so, the why of it all is at times overwhelming, making life seem too much.  And, lately, there’s been too much for many of those I love.

It’s one of several reasons we began the series at RDC:  On The Move.  The essence of the messages comes from one of the most  unused books, Habakkuk.

It’s an amazing perspective of how to move from focusing on the “whys” of life to the “wonder and wow” of God.

The book doesn’t waste time, moving us from Habakkuk’s whys to God’s stunning reassurance in the beginning of the first chapter:  Take a look at the nations and watch what happens!  You will be shocked and amazed.  For in your days, I am doing a work,  a work you will never believe even if someone tells you plainly (Habakkuk 1:5, Voice). 

These words are foundational to develop a perspective that God’s unseen work is as much of a reality as the seen mess of this world.

Here’s the thing:  An intentional decision to move the focus from the hard of situations to the work of God must be made to live the best life possible.  Not easy.  At all.

It’s a challenging process when there’s more “whys” than answers, stretching and stressing the strongest of human beings.

I know.  I’ve been there personally.  It’s the place where there are few who will understand, walk alongside, or for that matter stay as the days of too much stretch further than one can see.  It’s a tiring and lonely walk when the why of it all is the view ahead.

When the decision is made to move away from the power of the why, the view of God at work comes into focus.


It makes all the difference.


Written by Kerrie Carlisle Palmer © 2017 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


Author: Kerrie Carlisle Palmer

Hi there, I am a Life-Story Teller, Co-Developer of TableThink (https://www.tablethink.com), co-host of TableThink and Think On This Podcasts, Pastor, Church Planter, Founder of Red Door Church. I love to be with my family, friends, and anyone I meet along the way. Two musts are coffee and celebrations. I hope you and I are able to connect soon.

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