I worked hard to find IT. 

 I’m talking about the secret IT to living an organized life.  

At one time I had owned a good portion of all the books written on organization.  My piled high mountain of books may have been a bit detrimental to the whole organization thing. 

The thing is . . . 

each author promised I would live “happily-ever-after” with their organizational plan . . . so,  I bought their book. 

I believed. 


Owning the books did not make me organized.  At all.  I planned on getting around to IT.  Actually our family made a list called the “round-to-its,” listing the things that needed to be put into action but we never could seem to get “round-to-it.”    Even so, I felt empowered by knowing I owned several plans developed by people who had found the way to living an organized life. 

And, then . . . 

I realized the IT is much more than organization.  

IT is being intentional with the life I’ve received in the number of days I have to live through Christ.  

IT is being who I’m made to be and doing what I’m assigned to do.

IT is being determined to live a meaningful life through relationship with God and others.

IT is being in a constant learning process to be equipped to live the best story. 

IT is being willing to impact this world by blessing everyone and anyone near and far.  

IT is being honest, transparent, and real with others. 

IT is a wild adventure—one that I’m still learning about.  


I realized an intentional daily living plan does not need to be complicated.  I encourage people to keep it simple in order to be workable.  

First things first—start the day:   A cup of coffee and the Bible.  Here’s the thing—if, it’s not coffee—something.  I love coffee, so, it’s part of my best start.  The Bible tells all.  I mean.  Wow.  There is a profound difference when the first word that speaks to me is a God-Word. 

Of course, there needs to be time for study and deep prayer.  BUT.  This is a simple way to get the day started and move through the day with God. 


5 minutes:

Start the day with a God-Word.  Then pray, which is simply talking to God.  The more you and I talk to God, the better life gets.  Sometimes my prayer is one word, or a picture in my mind, or a bunch of words. 

3 things:  

Give thanks for three people, circumstances, or whatever.  So, many of us live so fast and furious that we forget to take time to be grateful, which by the way is an essential key to living well.  

Impact/bless 1:  

Ask God to show who needs to be impacted/blessed—an individual,family, or organization.  I’m always amazed how God makes this assignment clear at some point during the day.  

Here’s the thing:  To be blessed is to know the activity of God.  To bless is to be a part of the activity of God.  Blessing others not only changes the way someone else perceives life BUT the bonus is it’s energizing and downright miraculous to be the one who is being a part of the blessing. 

The thing is . . . a simple routine to start the day with God . . . is key to intentionally living the best life, which is what Jesus talked about: “I came to give life with joy and abundance.”

My prayer for you and all is to find what IT means to live the best life ever
to put IT into practice—

Written by Kerrie Carlisle Palmer © 2017 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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