The Church Should Not Be Silent

Sometimes I watch too much news.  I try not to do it.  It’s tiring and even, overwhelming.  I mean, things are in a mess.  And, it seems to me that HATE is a huge part of it all.  I’ve been in conversations with enough people to know I’m not the only one.  

In my perspective, this is a conversation the Church . . . capital C . . . needs to be in.  I know this might seem naive.  I’ve been in the Church for decades.  There are major mess-ups.  

BUT . . . 

God has entrusted the Church with pure and powerful love, which the world needs.  Now. 

I don’t think the Church can or should be silent when it comes to hate.  Ever. 

I’ve lived long enough to have seen hate immediately displaced when there’s love.  Hate is confused by love.  Always.

Could it be that we are betraying God by not making more of an effort to love?  

Are we willing to let the things which are not based on love to go to the grave?  

The thing is . . .  to put something in the grave . . .  is to let go and to let go is to forgive.  If, we are honest, it’s requires incredible grace to forgive those who don’t deserve forgiveness. 

Isn’t that us?  None of us deserve forgiveness; yet, all of us need forgiveness. 

So, what does this mean for today?

Here’s what I know to be true . . . when hate is let go and put in the grave . . . love will be resurrected.  As far as I’m concerned, it’s time to let go of what does not belong and resurrect love in our lives.  

Here’s how the Apostle Paul explained it to the early church in the ancient days:  Be a living testimony of God’s love.

I pray the Church will not be silent but, rather, a loud living testimony of love. 

 Be intentional. Be love.  –Kerrie

Ephesians 2:4-10:  But God, with the unfathomable richness of His love and mercy focused on us, united us with the Anointed One and infused our lifeless souls with life—even though we were buried under mountains of sin—and saved us by His grace. He raised us up with Him and seated us in the heavenly realms with our beloved Jesus the Anointed, the Liberating King. He did this for a reason: so that for all eternity we will stand as a living testimony to the incredible riches of His grace and kindness that He freely gives to us by uniting us with Jesus the Anointed. 8-9 For it’s by God’s grace that you have been saved. You receive it through faith. It was not our plan or our effort. It is God’s gift, pure and simple. You didn’t earn it, not one of us did, so don’t go around bragging that you must have done something amazing. 10 For we are the product of His hand, heaven’s poetry etched on lives, created in the Anointed, Jesus, to accomplish the good works God arranged long ago (Voice).  

Photo by Shelly Mackerell Photography #40days #beintentional #belove

Sunday morning fun: Poli Jordan Vandewettering, Russell Vandewettering, Mindy Rodin, Phil Rodin, Lori Cutrell, Joshua Lindley, Louise Lindley, Kelly Stearns, Dan Stearns, Erik Erik, Brittney Hochhalter, Gregg Palmer Dana Page Adams Seipp, Dale SeippTeri Lobato Terzenbach, Brad Mikkelson, Jan Mikkelson, Kathianne Walker


Written by Kerrie Carlisle Palmer © 2017 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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