Gone With The Wind

I’m not much of a movie fan, which means most movie quotes mean little to me. Mock me.  Torment me.  Do whatever you want.  But.  I would rather go to eat or do anything but see a movie–BECAUSE I enjoy conversation over sitting silently while watching a screen.  Besides, I love to talk.

BUT.  I will confess to enjoying some old classic movies.  One of the best classics is Gone With The Wind. There’s a lot of life packed in that old movie, including a couple of great lines:

“I can’t think about that right now. If I do, I’ll go crazy. I’ll think about that tomorrow.”

“After all… tomorrow is another day.”

I’ve quoted these lines at times when it seemed easier to avoid the BIGNESS of the stuff of life.  Just to let you know:  Avoidance leaves a messy trail, which makes life HARD.  I recommend not leaving the important undone.

The thing is . . . I’ve learned if, something is not managed today, then, it will not only be waiting tomorrow but mostly likely will be more challenging.   Why does anyone think it’s okay to avoid what’s theirs to do?  Seriously.

History teaches each generation’s choices and way of living is imprinted on the following generations.  Like it or not, we are connected with those who’ve gone before us and who will go after.  When you get down to it, our values, attitude, and actions will impact both the “now” and the “not yet” of this world.

Here’s the thing.  We have some important issues for individuals and the whole world to address.  The BIG deal is the tolerance for hate.  Somehow it’s become the “big elephant” in the room.  We all know it’s there.  If, we avoid this hate, history has proven it will grow, leaving little space for anything else.

I’m pretty sure the last thing anyone wants is for hate to control and manipulate our lives.

Hate needs to be gone with the wind, giving space to the matters of the pure and powerful gift of love.

It’s one reason I believe in the need for the church–the community of faith–to exist and to be in the middle of these conversations, determining to not avoid what’s ours to do now, impacting and influencing the “not yet” for the next generation.

Love these moments–my daughter and granddaughter take a moment at our church door. Isn’t our old door fun?

Be intentional.  Be love–Kerrie













It’s what I do . . . talk.
Four at the cross. They are LOVE. I can’t help but smile, knowing Christ knows and loves these sweet and very cute babies of ours. (Three of the four would be all over me complaining about me calling them babies–oops.)

Photos by Shelly Mackerell Photography

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Sunday morning fun: Poli Jordan Vandewettering, Russell Vandewettering, Mindy Rodin, Phil Rodin, Lori Cutrell, Joshua Lindley, Louise Lindley, Kelly Stearns, Dan Stearns, Erik Erik, Brittney Hochhalter, Gregg Palmer Dana Page Adams Seipp, Dale SeippTeri Lobato Terzenbach, Brad Mikkelson, Jan Mikkelson, Kathianne Walker

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Written by Kerrie Carlisle Palmer © 2017 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


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