Watching our sweet little ones manage the day after surgery was enough for me to want to do some kind of magic trick to make the pain disappear and take them immediately to the finish line of healing. It’s hard knowing they have a few months before their life is right-side-up.

I look at these “before pain” pictures and just want to make it happen–NOW:

They are in the hard of the unsettled place.

I prefer to be settled–to be certain of what is as well as what will be.   I mean, it makes life easier to navigate and produces instant peace.


Settled is a rare luxury in our unsettled world.  The unknown of “now and then” makes managing our life an ongoing challenge.  And, if, that’s not enough . . . exhaustion and down-right worry can easily become a companion in the wasteland and desert of this place of life . . . making it difficult to go forward or for that matter to breathe.


I know God inhabits the unsettled places.   After spending more than enough time in the unsettled places of this world, I’ve realized it’s where I wrestle with it all, sifting and sorting what’s truth and what’s not of truth until I finally land on what really matters with the help of God.  I’ve never been able to fully accomplish it on my own.  And, quite frankly history proves this to be true for all humanity.

As I’ve traveled through this territory, trying hard to make it through, the words clarify the way:

“Come to Me, all who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest”  (Matthew 28:11). 

This invitation is beyond what the most religious can try to explain.  I mean there’s no conditions put on this invitation–it’s open to all with a promise to change every story–every situation–everything through a rest that can’t be found on our own.  So, why is this so hard to accept?

My first thought is that the condemnation amongst the religious in this world creates an avoidance and unbelief of an unconditional God-invitation.  And, then there’s the condition that many of us suffer from “conditional surrender.”  The narrative goes something like this:  “God, show me . . . then . . . I will trust.”

Here’s the thing . . . Jesus demonstrated it all from beginning to end . . . so, it comes down to you and I making the choice to hand over the backpack of worry, cares, and concern that’s attached to the soul.

So–my prayer is for our sweet ones and all to learn:   Let the hard of the unsettled break off of the soul.  Take a breath, focus on God, surrender each detail with confessed trust, and live in amazing rest.

Find a quiet place–and receive rest–it’s the way through the unsettled place–Kerrie

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