I Know Better

 I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sworn that worry has no place in my life. YET, something happens and worry walks in like it’s my best friend and we’ve known each other forever.

Eventually, I break up with worry.


Worry tends to wait in the shadows anticipating the time I will be ready to get back together.

The thing is . . .

The  narrative of my story changes when worry threads it’s ugly presence through my thoughts.  Then, like magic or something, everything changes because nothing seems right and the “what, ifs” seem too big to have any peace.

I know better.  I’ve learned.  I’ve experienced.  There’s not even a shadow of doubt within me that the with-God life comes with the full guarantee of peace.  And, yet . . .

Worry and I still find a way to meet now and then.

When I took the time to assess my weakness for worry I had an epiphany:

Worry often comes in my hurriedness to want all things to work together NOW.   Peace is never hurried.

Our stories change when life is lived in unhurried peace–Kerrie

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