This Girl

My top priority for the day is to make Miss Sydney the happiest six-year-old in the world.

It’s her birthday.

This girl.

Syd’s journey from China to home has been remarkable.  Listen, this girl has fire in her with a strong will, which has been to her benefit.  Syd is fierce and brave.  I admire her energy of life.

She brings so much to this world, it’s just better because of her.  Wherever Syd’s at, is my immediate favorite place to be, right then and there.  Joy.  That’s it.  Pure and simple.

Syd is one more reason to believe in the beauty of adoption.  I’m so grateful for all the life we’ve had with this sweet, strong girl.  And, wow, I’m looking forward to all that’s to come.

So, today–I encourage you to take a moment to celebrate this most special day.  Because days like these, give hope for this world–Kerrie

Here’s my most favorite Syd-story of this year:

Kindergartners Are The Best Ever

syd-and-her-dog-at-churchThis morning.

Sydney and I walked into her kindergarten classroom.  As we walked into their coat area, one little girl tapped my arm.

When she smiled, I could see she was missing a tooth.  She confirmed it,

“I lost my tooth.”

Me:  “I can see that.”

Her:  “The tooth fairy paid me a dollar for it.”

A boy:  “The tooth fairy paid me five dollars when I lost my tooth.”

Me:  Wow.   When I was little, I only received a quarter for a tooth.

Several kids:  “What?”

The little boy:  “I only have dollars in my piggy bank.  I don’t take change.”

Me:  Trying not to explode with laughter.

Syd:  “Nana, I need to tell you something.”

Me:  “Ok.”

p5Syd took me by the hand and led me to a corner, saying,

“Nana, I need to tell you something.  The tooth fairy is your parents . . . you know . . . Grandpa and Grandma Carlisle.”

Me:  “Oh.” 

(I’m relieved.  I thought maybe we were going to need time for a long talk.  Five-year-old Syd has more than once started a deep conversation when I’m headed out the door.)

Syd:  “Are you okay?”  Are you sad?”

Me:  “I’m good Syd.  Thank-you.” 

I said my usual words to her,

“Syd, make it a great day. I love you.”syd-and-us-color-2-1

Syd:  “Nana . . . they owe you money.”

Kindergartners are the best ever—Kerrie


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