SOMETHING I Need To Tell You

So.  There’s something I need to tell you–a confession of sorts:

It’s been a week . . .  a lot of big things to manage . . . with a packed schedule day and night.  And, while I know these seasons come and go in our life, I started feeling overwhelmed.  A few of my “core” people noticed and called me out on it.

I realized I needed to do what I recommend to so many others.  And, I’m wondering if, you might be right there with me.  So, I thought I would share with you the top two that I’ve learned to do as a cool down in the midst of chaos, crisis, and just good-old-fashioned busyness as well as a daily practice:

  1.  Breathe.  I know it sounds a bit ridiculous BUT  back in the day I taught measured-slow-breathing to help people relax. It still works.  It’s a great technique to calm anyone of any age in a highly stressful moment.  And, it’s a good healthy habit to practice throughout the day.
  2.  Be still and know God as you pause to do your breathing exercise.  This is the big one for me.  I tend to push hard and fast.  It’s what God has underlined for me to do throughout the day.  Turns out, I need to pay more attention to God than what I’m trying to manage.  Then again, don’t we all?

When you have a moment–take a look at Psalm 46–it is the basis for this daily practice.

It’s what I come back to over and over again in this with-God life–Kerrie

While I’m at it–

I’m excited to start the conversation at RDCSOMETHING–this Sunday at 10:30 am.  I mean, how do you even begin?  I love our new community of faith and what Red Door Church brings to the table–and would love to have you be part of it this month.

You can catch up with it all next door at or go straight to the synopsis.  I hope you will be able to come–to Red Door Church–and experience SOMETHING that will make a difference.

I would love to connect with you:

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