Hurried With Worry

A friend of mine told me he feels I need to be aware that our world is on edge.

My response:  “I am.”

He went on to tell me there are very worried people who want us to be fully prepared for disaster.  He encouraged me to hurry to get all the things needed for emergency preparedness.  I agree, I need to be  prepared for disasters.  But, it does not change anything, if, I’m worried.  And, worry usually makes everyone a little bit more crazy with the “what if’s” of life.

It think our world is increasingly becoming more hurried with worry.

I can be very attentive to worry, running circles around the best of the anxious.  It’s something I have had to intentionally release.  I’ve seen and experienced how worry wastes life and prevents me from engaging with what matters.

The thing is . . .

I know the reality; I’m aware of the state of the world; I weep with those who have experienced it first hand.

My heart and prayer is for our world to understand it’s so much more simple than it seems right now:

The meaning of life is developing a relationship with God and one another.

I want my heart to beat with confident hope rather than to be looking for the worst of it all, consumed with love rather than worry.  When each value, goal, and priority is centered on love, there’s no room for worry, regardless of the circumstance.

 I know for certain love wins.

Our work is to win this world with love.  So, why allow worry to waste the time we have to do what matters?


What if, you and I–INTENTIONALLY take a breath and slow down in our hurry to

become more aware of those who take space in our life–whether it’s a brief encounter in line at a coffee shop, store, or even in an elevator–or for a significant amount of time at work, in a meeting, or with family and friends?

And, what if, you and I– INTENTIONALLY

welcome each one into our space–with the attitude, actions, and words of love?

As simple as it sounds, when you and I love others in the space and time we have–I believe the world will calm down–and there will be less to worry about.

After teaching us to ask God to “give us this day” Jesus said:

“So do not worry about tomorrow. Let tomorrow worry about itself. Living faithfully is a large enough task for today”  (Matthew 6:34, Voice)

The way I see it for today–our task is to slow down in our hurry, releasing worry to be faithful with the love God so generously gives.  The energy we give to worry won’t fix anything in this world.  Give your energy to loving others in the space you occupy today.  Win the world with love–Kerrie

By the way–in case you’re wondering–I see this as love in action:

Photo by Tiffany Palmer Carter
 Written by Kerrie Carlisle Palmer © 2017 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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