It’s a good day.  It is.  Yes, I’ve seen a few giants lurking around.  Who hasn’t?  These giants are stinking scary and huge.


I refuse to give them attention.

Okay, if, I’m honest, it’s a process not to give them my attention.  Sometimes it seems one giant is beat to a pulp and before a sigh of relief is enjoyed, another giant raises it’s ugly big head.

We all know these giants–they can be stinking hard–like the giant problems of

RELATIONSHIPS–a gigantic rift between you and another leaves giant holes in your heart, changing the way you live your life.

FINANCES– a giant envelope is in the mail announcing you need to pay a gigantic amount of your money NOW.

HEALTH–a gigantic war is waged in your body and the doctor explains the devastating news that your life will never be the same because of the giant health issue.

CAREER–a gigantic shift in your organization has taken place and you receive a giant pink slip thanking you for your service with the date you need to be out the door.

FAITH–the gigantic question of God’s existence throws giant darts at your belief of the presence and power of God like never before.

The thing is–in RDC‘s conversation last week–I was once again blown away by what happened to God’s people:

There they were . . .  in the giant problem of slavery.  This was not an 8-5 kind of problem, but around the clock–this is your life, beware you will be abused, and even killed– kind of giant problem.

After centuries of putting up with the giants, the people  finally had the common sense to call out to God for help:

God rescued them, demonstrating a power beyond any giant’s reach, making a way for freedom by opening up the RED SEA,  and then putting the giants to death.


Only 2 out of 12 understood that giants will appear in the story of our life, BUT, they are not the story.  You can read it in the book of Numbers (a bit tedious book when it comes to details), chapters 13 and 14.

Here’s the message that SPEAKS today:

Numbers 13:30, Voice

BUT Caleb calmed the congregation, and he spoke to Moses:  Caleb: “We should go straight in, right away, and take it over. We are surely able!”

My translation:  It’s going to be okay.  Calm down.  Keep moving forward.  Take on the giant.  You are able.   With God, the possibilities are endless–Kerrie

By the way–it’s what I heard in this sweet conversation:

“Buddy, it’s going to be okay.”

Photo by Tiffany Palmer Carter
 Written by Kerrie Carlisle Palmer © 2017 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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