Healing.  It’s a word filled with hope, the anticipation of more.

Even when circumstances are AWESOME, there’s a need for healing because our world is so stinkin’ toxic, stressing the body, mind, and soul.

And, then, there’s us.

Sometimes you and I bring the need to be healed on ourselves by how we choose to live.

And, there are people who harm us.

Sometimes the power of someone’s harm will take us hostage and requires healing.

And, finally, life can be hard.  Darkness in this world is a reality.

There’s a need for healing . . .  in the body, mind, and soul for you and I . . .  as well as for our homes, neighborhoods, communities, nation, and the world.

God heals.

You leave us breathless when Your awesome works answer us by putting everything right. God of our liberation— You are the hope of all creation, from the far corners of the earth to distant life-giving oceans. Psalm 65:5 The Voice

Regardless of the story, healing is crucial–Kerrie

So . . .

Healing is a part of the conversation this Sunday, June 18, at Red Door Church.   It’s going to be SOMETHING  which will rock our world . . . so, pray about who needs to be a part of the morning . . . and invite them to come.

These sweet ones are a couple days past week 3 of their 12 week post-op healing schedule.  God has put an amazing ability to heal within the body.  I mean . . .

They made their own pancakes!
 Written by Kerrie Carlisle Palmer © 2017 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED






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