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A Day OF Grace Is Amazing


The conversation is one word:  GRACE.

I’ve been face to face with people and had no earthly idea what to say or to do after I hear their story.

Along the way, I realized each individual needed to hear Christ’s final answer:

It is finished.”

This answer opens the door to live through a grace which is enough for every story.  So . . .

  • Receive grace.
  • Live in grace.
  • Give grace.

Grace gives something that nothing else can . . . an unconditional new beginning in the story . . . with an unstoppable love and endless possibilities.

The story begins today.  

  A day of grace is amazing–Kerrie

 Written by Kerrie Carlisle Palmer © 2017 ALL RIGHTS

2 thoughts on “A Day OF Grace Is Amazing

  1. Gena

    Praise God! This is just what I needed today! A simple reminder of God’s amazing, unconditional, unwavering grace!!! I’m so thankful for that grace and for this reminder of that grace. Also thankful for you, Kerrie, and your faithfulness to let God work through you to share this message of hope and renewal. Thankful too for the reminder that I need to extend grace to others. God is so faithful to deliver just what we need right when we need it!!! Praise God!

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