Can you stop? Please.

There was a fatal accident on the road a couple of days ago.  It stopped traffic for hours.  Everyone of us had to be somewhere and we weren’t moving.  At all.  And, let me tell you there was some visible unhappy drivers that were stuck in the mess.

Here’s the thing:   someone died and others were injured.  It was not okay for any of us to express our unhappiness about our delay.  Even, so, some did.

Our culture’s acceptance of  negativity drives me crazy.  It seems to be a part of our “entitlement” phase.

Stop.  Seriously.  Take a break from negativity. Please.

I’m not saying things are always easy or all of life is one of those happily-ever-after stories.  I’m the first to confess  life has a good portion of hard, which often hits the fan before the first breath is drawn in the morning.

Even, so, I stand by one of our Palmer-family holy axioms:

Attitude is everything.

I will give you this disclaimer in case you decide to add this to your life-axiom list:  When these words are stated to someone who is already in a mood, there’s a likelihood of aggravating the perpetrator who often responds with some dramatic eye-ball rolling, deep long sighs, and visible resistance to the idea of a “good” attitude.  (If, you think that this response was okay in our home, talk to our kids.  Not acceptable.  Ever.)

The thing is . . . it’s easier to sort through the hard of life . . . with a good attitude.  It just is.

As a leader, I’ve encountered individuals who rely on their negative attitude to get what they want.   Instead of working things out, they work it with their attitude.  Their negative attitude creates a negative environment and more often than not, a negative outcome.

I’ve had more than one person tell me that their negative attitude is about being honest.  Ahem.  No.   It’s about being toxic.     It’s not only possible to be honest about something hard with a good attitude, it’s advisable.  There’s nothing negative about a positive attitude.

And, just to add one more thing . . . actually it’s a big deal . . . a God-word on attitude:  In other words, adopt the mind-set of Jesus the Anointed. Live with His attitude in your hearts” (Philippians 2:5, Voice). 

I mean . . . this changes everything . . . live with Christ’s attitude.  Wow.  No room for negativity when it’s said like that.  I rest my case:  ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING–Kerrie

One easy thing to recharge my attitude is taking a summer evening walk with a couple of our cuties–it happened this weekend–can it get better?

A summer walk.
 Written by Kerrie Carlisle Palmer © 2017 ALL RIGHTS




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