Summer Weekend!

Happy summer weekend! It’s been quite a week.   You too?  


There’s just SOMETHING about the weekend.  Because. You know.  There’s Sunday and I just can’t get enough RED DOOR CHURCH (RDC), a sanctuary.  We all need a sanctuary for the soul, no matter how self-sufficient you and I profess to be.    

The word and concept of sanctuary is not used as often as it used to be.  Even so, I think it’s more crucial than ever.  There’s a deep need within to have a sanctuary, a sacred oasis, in this big hot mess of a world.   

I guarantee you this . . . there are moments . . . when the need for a sanctuary is realized.  Sometimes we ignore the need, and just keep on with the stuff of life.  I’m stating this out of understanding.  I’m a work in process.  The power of it all can be. too. much.  

 I get how easy it is to step around the need for sanctuary, to fill up the time with the urgent details and demands of life.  

Here’s what I can tell you for sure:   When the moment comes to step back into the sanctuary, there will be a shift within as sacred peace, grace, and love without demands or explanations is experienced.   There always is.  

At the same time, being a part of the sanctuary is as important to the soul as receiving from it.  It takes all of us to be the sanctuary—connecting with God together.  When you and I are a part of SOMETHING beyond our limits, giving God’s gifts of peace, grace, and love to one another, there will be a strengthening within.  There always is. 

The journey of life will never be complete without a sanctuary.  It’s truth.  

I pray you experience SOMETHING more for your life

in the sacred light and love of the sanctuary—

Photo by Tiffany Palmer Carter
 Written by Kerrie Carlisle Palmer © 2017 ALL RIGHTS

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