I sit with individuals, couples, and families, listening to their stories.  I’ve learned from them all.  One thing I’ve learned is that how you and I view our personal life will impact everyone around us and everything we do.

I often ask them to:   “Describe your life as it is today with only. one. word.”

It’s never easy.






” Impossible.”




Then, I pose the question: “What word would God use to describe your life today?”

After giving some space to think and answer, I ask: “Would the word be blessed?”

Most have not thought about how God views their life or for that matter think in terms of being blessed.   Because you see, the word,  blessed,  is used less and less in our era and culture.  BUT.  It’s a BIG-DEAL word in God’s vocabulary.

The way I’ve understood the word, blessed, is:  To know the activity of God.


To bless is:  To be a part of the activity of God.

The thing is . . . life does not have to be free of messy problems . . . to qualify as blessed.   And, yet, it’s often assumed that to be blessed is to be problem-free.  So.  Would God see your life as blessed and why?

This principle is essential to learn how to manage the messiness of life.

Let’s do this together–Kerrie

One final note:

Jesus is enlisting you and I to take ground.

It requires guts.

It’s what will be part of the conversations in the coming months at RDC and in our spiritual direction groups.

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Let’s connect.

 Written by Kerrie Carlisle Palmer © 2017 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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