The Answer Is Why

Sometimes the answer is why.

Nothing else.  Just. Why.

This is not about the doubt why:  “If, there is a God, why is this happening?”

I’m talking about the mysterious ways of God that leads to the question, “Why would that even be possible?”


I can give 10 million reasons why so many things should not be possible.


There it is . . . an open door . . . to amazing possibilities when it’s least expected.


I have realized that sometimes we need to look beyond what is often taken for granted and see the full God-given possibility. . .

like experiencing another day of life . . .

or being able to love God

and one another . . .

or surprising someone . . .

or being able to remember moments in time . . .

or taking a breath . . .

or seeing morning’s first light . . .

and so much more.

It’s a matter of perspective, which gives me reason to love the “why” answer.

Look for the “why”–it will give you clarity of what matters–Kerrie

Morning’s FIRST Light
 Written by Kerrie Carlisle Palmer © 2017 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED



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