Clarifying My Statement On Hate/Racism

I’m going to be brief—for now.  

I’ve had some good conversations about the post I made about hate/racism. 


I realized my simple statement did not clarify what I wanted to communicate—apparently it’s not always easy to read my mind. 

Here’s my why:  

Before we adopted our Asian-born son, hatred from racism was, for the most part, sitting in the backyard of my life.  I knew it was there.  On occasion I became aware of the need to defend and stand up for some of my non-white friends; however, I was protected from the harm of it since I’m U.S.-born and a white, blonde, blue-eyed citizen.  


Racism walked in the front door of our lives on occasion after our son came home. 

The first time it happened was when he was only 23-months old.  We planned to end our fourth of July celebration by going to the Oregon State Fair grounds to watch  fireworks.  We settled into great seats with our two daughters and son, anticipating a beautiful evening; however, a crowd of young men in the row above spit on us, yelling obscenities at our son.  We left, trying to explain the “whys” to our two daughters.  I knew our son had  felt the impact of racism though he was too young to articulate it.  Our precious child had done nothing to elicit their hateful behavior.  

It was not the only time.

Racism is cruel and harmful to the soul of humanity.  

My soul hurts for those who must endure hatred/racism in the living room of their life every. single. day.  

The one thing I know is that love always wins.  So . . . I stand with my statement . . . 

We, who know and have received the unstoppable power of love, must reignite the revolution of love with courage and boldness not only for this generation but for the generations to come.

More later—Kerrie 

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