If, only . . .

If, you could, would you change a part of your story?


Would you choose a different story?

Be honest.


There’s always a section of life that would be different if, only . . .

Here’s the thing . . . the if, only . . . rests on you and I.  This HUGE revelation took a long time for me to understand and ACCEPT.  Even now, it would be much easier to blame God or someone else for the hard of it all.  BUT–this  is a BIG BUT–blame is not the point of our story.

The point is that you and I have the ultimate responsibility in the outcome of every page and chapter of our story.  Of course, much of life is out of our control, however; the outcome of it all rests on the response rather than the circumstance.

A strong response–one that says I will overcome this–begins with ruthless trust in God and one another.   This requires the discipline of  thinking in terms of “I will” rather than “You should.”


I am right there with you.  Because.  There’s a lot of people who should.

Yet.  The story relies on my response.  So.  I will.

— Kerrie

I had a great summer day with these two cuties–the squirt guns were used to cool themselves down– and to water plants.

~I hope you and I can connect on August 20 at 10:30 am Pacific Standard Time.This invitation is for you and anyone you can share it with @ https://www.facebook.com/rdcsalem/videos/1695113210797496/  or @ : https://youtu.be/eCC07ERO248

I will be joining a crew talking about the bigger picture of the solar eclipse and so much more on August 20 at 10:30 am.  Because . . . RED DOOR CHURCH (RDC) is meeting online rather than on campus for this one day . . . RDC ECLIPSED DAY.    Invite your friends to hop on wherever they are at 10:30 am pacific standard time.  

We will be putting more directions on the RDC Facebook page.  The RDC website is being made new; however,  you can go there to find your way to RDC Facebook page:  rdcsalem.com.  

And . . . please let us know you are with us on RDC ECLIPSED DAY—it’s so much more fun to know we’re together.  

 Written by Kerrie Carlisle Palmer © 2017 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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