What Needs To Be Said

I talked to an individual who is impacted today by someone’s decisions made long ago.

I remember when it all happened and though it seemed BIG, I never dreamed the impact of it all would continue so long after.    It makes me wonder what life would be like now, if,  the truth had been acknowledged sooner.

The thing is . . .  it takes courage to acknowledge the truth of reality and to take action . . . because it’s never easy to admit the truth of our wrongs and face the consequences.  The longer we wait to face it all, the harder it is to recover.

I’ve underlined this in my soul:

The difference between the courageous and the coward is that one chooses to face the truth while the other chooses to ignore it.

I pray that the generations that come after my generation will learn this truth. It will be taught by our example as well as our words.

It’s a reminder . . . something that needs to be said and demonstrated . . . truth is powerful–Kerrie

~I pray that the sweet-three will learn this life-principle early!

A day with the sweet-three.   8.23.17.

Let’s connect.

Written by Kerrie Carlisle Palmer © 2017 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED






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