The storms of life happen.  Yet.  Somehow.  I’m always surprised.

Storms can feel like forever.

And, it doesn’t take long to ask,

 Is this how it’s always going to be?

Yes, there’s all sorts of reasons for storms.   BUT.  There’s a big one that must be looked at:

Sometimes the storms come from going off God’s grid.

As with anything else, it’s a choice to acknowledge the reality of it all and to take action.  It’s become a life principle of mine:

I will acknowledge what must be acknowledged and take action.

That said, it’s a journey.

The amazing thing is . . . God’s INVITATION . . . never ends.

You will  hear about it  in this week’s podcast:

The ancient King David  went off God’s grid.  It’s a surprise that he would.  After-all it’s recorded for all to know:  “He was a man after God’s heart.”

Even so,  King David’s choices created a storm in his life which ended in over-the-top chaos.  Not everyone chooses to find their way back to God.  BUT.  David did.

He wrote a song that reveals his return.  These ancient words are worth pressing into the soul:

You are my shelter, O Eternal One—my soul’s sanctuary!
Shield me from shame;
rescue me by Your righteousness.
Hear me, Lord! Turn Your ear in my direction.
Come quick! Save me!
Be my rock, my shelter,
my fortress of salvation! (Psalm 31:1-2, Voice)

I’ve learned to stand in the shelter of God’s presence–my soul’s sanctuary.  Regardless of the reason for the storm, God will make a way through the storm and will be our  Rock, Shelter, and Fortress in the chaos of it all.

Storms are part of the journey–Kerrie

By the way–Joshua Lindley and I had great fun with our second podcast.  It’s a  a work in progress:  https://www.buzzsprout.com/124706/562545-002-the-view-unity

I would love to know you joined us on the podcast.  You can email me @ kpalmer@rdcsalem.com.

Let’s connect:

Written by Kerrie Carlisle Palmer © 2017 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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