Sometimes BIG NEWS is Apple making an announcement about how life will now be.


Maybe the real BIG NEWS is how we live life with one another.

I’m convinced, more than ever,  that the meaning of life is being in relationship with God and one another.


I think sometimes the BIG NEWS of the deepening of relationships gets missed because we don’t realize the impact of relationships until someone goes off grid.

I know there’s so much that must be managed every. single. day.  Even, so.  I want to encourage you to see through all the stuff and remember that the most important LIFE ASSIGNMENT is taking care of your relationships.

It matters–Kerrie

BIG NEWS:  We began celebrating my mom and dad’s anniversary with ours after Gregg and I married on 9-11.  This happened long ago.  I’m talking about a time before computers, cell phones, and everything.

Mom and Dad 9.11.17
Us with Mom and Dad on 9.11.17 (Photo by waitress)

Here it is–Joshua Lindley and I with our second podcast.  It’s a  a work in progress:

I would love to know you joined us on the podcast.  You can email me @

Let’s connect:

Written by Kerrie Carlisle Palmer © 2017 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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